Sokolov Street 99 Holon
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Mia Collection was founded in January 2018 and is located at Sokolov 99 in Holon.

Our sales include a wide selection of unique items in a variety of subjects, at attractive prices.

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miacollection - Auction 8

Monday, 3.9.18

miacollection - Auction 7

Tuesday, 7.8.18

miacollection - Auction 6

Tuesday, 26.6.18
Summer Sale of Mia Collection - The heat is rising and prices are falling. 485 items at a starting price of $ 5 - free shipping for those who win 10 or more items

miacollection - Auction 5

Monday, 28.5.18

miacollection - Auction 4

Sunday, 29.4.18
The sale of the surprises of Mia Collection

miacollection - Auction 3

Thursday, 22.3.18

miacollection - Auction 2

Thursday, 15.2.18


Thursday, 25.1.18