Auction 4 silk rugs, wool, hand-made Oriental cotton

Wednesday, 13.2.19 (Your local time)
 Mordechi 8 st. Ramat-Gan, Phone number: 0545500666

Auction of oriental silk rugs, handmade, high quality and in a wide variety of styles and sizes - at the best prices.

"Criss Cross - Luxury Oriental Carpets" is a gallery dealing with trade, procurement, and auction of handmade oriental rugs.

After years of love, dealing and carpet collecting, we decided to give everyone a chance to join this fascinating world, to learn about the art and meaning behind the carpets, to appreciate the quality of the performance and the rich beauty, and to enjoy handmade Oriental carpets.

Take part in the journey to the fascinating carpet world, which is amazingly beautiful, sure that it will enter your heart as well. We will be here to supply the best goods at the best price.

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The auction has ended
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