Auction 8 Estate Clearance of a Stamp Collector - World, Israeli. Palestine & Reich Stamps, Envelopes, Postcards & More

Thursday, 7.11.19 (Your local time)
 קיבוץ גשר

The Catalogue is dedicated to the collection of David Brontman (Ben-Man)

David Brontman passed away nearly 20 years ago, being over 90 years of age, was born in Belarus and came to Kibbutz Afikim in Israel at an early age.

David started his stamp collection at an early age at the beginning of the 20th century, he was a member of the Israel Philatelic Federation and corresponded with stamp collectors around the world. He also served as an appointed officer for the Mandate government in Palestine times and dealt with horses as a hobby and as an officer.

The collection includes stamps of Palestine and Israel, Reich stamps, world stamps and lots, Great Britain first 19th century stamps, first day issue envelopes, shana tova cards, postcards, an album full of horses stamps and more.

All items can be shipped with mail, shipping outside of Israel will be priced by the Israel post price list for country of destination and weight of the package.

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