Auction 3 History of Evolution

Wednesday, Jun 23, 7:30 PM
 3B, 1st Lyusinovsky Lane, Moscow (Sherwood Tenement Building)

On 23 June, AW Auctions in partnership with Paleo Hunters will hold an auction of rare fossils, meteorites and minerals.

The central theme of the Paleo Hunters project is natural works of art formed millions of years ago on Earth and in outer space. The Paleo Hunters laboratory turns found fossils, meteorites and minerals into museum-level exhibits.

The meteorites, minerals and fossilised remains of extinct plants and animals that existed on the planet millions of years ago - presented at the AW Auctions x Paleo Hunters auction - will naturally complement any rarity cabinet collection and blend neatly into the interior. 

The highlights of the upcoming AW Auctions x Paleo Hunters auction are a rare sea lily from Holzmaden (Germany) and a woolly rhinoceros found in Yakutia (Russia). 

Sea lilies Seirocrinus subangularis are animals related to starfish, trepangs and sea urchins. The slender stem attached to the seabed and the fringed tentacle arms open like flowers, hovering between the sky and the sea abyss, capturing particles of marine plankton. The motley colonies of sea lilies have been decorating coral reefs for 450 million years. The sea lilies from Holzmaden are rare collector's items of art created by nature. 

The woolly rhinoceros was part of an ancient ecosystem that existed in the late Pleistocene. Such rhinos could be found in both Spain and Chukotka. They were not numerous anywhere and lived a solitary lifestyle. Their warm fur protected them from winter frosts and their enormous, flat horn made it possible to dig through snow in search of dry grass. The horn itself consisted of spike-like fibres and is rarely preserved in its fossil form. In the presented specimen, both horns are a reconstruction. The front one is 1m long. The skull of the woolly rhinoceros is a unique specimen that would grace any collection.

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