Firearms, Ammo & Accessories Auction

By Donley Auctions

Jul 13, 2024
8512 South Union Road. Union, IL 60180, United States

CHECK BACK OFTEN - ITEMS ADDED DAILY! This auction features a wide array of firearms and firearm-related items, including: Handguns: A diverse selection of revolvers and pistols from various manufacturers, calibers, and eras. Notable items include Colt Pythons, Smith & Wesson revolvers, Colt 1911s, Lugers, and many more. Rifles: A variety of rifles, including military surplus rifles like the Mosin Nagant, SKS, and Enfield, as well as hunting rifles and modern sporting rifles like the AR-15 and AK-47. Shotguns: Various shotguns from popular manufacturers like Remington, Winchester, Browning, and Mossberg, including pump-action, semi-automatic, and break-action models. Black Powder Firearms: A selection of antique and reproduction black powder firearms, such as flintlock pistols, muskets, and rifles. Ammunition: A wide range of ammunition for various calibers, including rifle, pistol, and shotgun ammunition. Both modern and vintage ammunition, including military surplus and collectible rounds. Accessories: Gun cases, holsters, magazines, grips, scopes, reloading equipment, and other firearm accessories. Gun safes and storage solutions. Other: Books and prints related to firearms and firearm history. Vintage optics and firearm parts. Air rifles and pellet guns. This auction offers a comprehensive selection for firearm enthusiasts, collectors, and hunters alike. CHECK OUT OUR MILITARY AUCTION ON SUNDAY, JULY 14TH!

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