Auction 15 Numismatics - Auction No. 13. Collections of Israeli and Palestine Banknotes and coins, a collection of errors in coins and tokens. Bronze and silver medals

By Rimon Auctions

Jun 30, 2022
Only for collecting - st' HaBitahon 6, Petah Tikva, Israel

Dear Collectors,

We highly recommend you all go through the entire catalog, no matter what your collection concentrates on. each item has his own story, history it represents and sometimes these are items of extraordinary historical significance and breathtaking!

This catalog consists of a number of collections. We tried as always to open at attractive opening prices and attach a variety of eye-catching photos.

We hope that from the catalog you will be able to learn and teach, innovate and of course enjoy the whole process.

- Anyone who does not want / can collect the items of course can be received in delivery according to the pricing of Israel Post / courier company.

Some points to clarify:

- The commission for coins, gold, platinum and palladium is 10% + VAT

- Cannot cancel bid after you put it.

- After the auction is over, their wont be direct sale of the items which didnt sold.

- For any question you are welcome to contact us and we will be happy to assist, even if it is general advice in the field of collection and not necessarily to participate in the sale.

Feel free to log in and follow our Facebook page and stay up to date regarding our sales:

You can contact us to hand over items for sale in the field of numismatics (banknotes, coins, tokens and medals) for our sale.

Tel: 03-560-2222

Cellphone: 050-488-4875


Address: Habitahon 6 Street, Petah Tikva

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