Auction 1 ROTHOFF'S

Jul 19, 2021
גבעת שמואל, Israel

Rothoff’s was created out of a love for history, the adventure of discovery, and the excitement from the story behind the finds.

With 25 years of accumulated experience and professionalism in diamonds, backgrounds in interior architecture, art, history, antique collectibles, literature, wines, business management, and expeditions around the world, our team here at Rothoff decided to set up a unique auction house that would provide an intoxicating shopping experience. Our sales will initially be online, and we have ensured nothing but the best stories and thrills behind the items on the screen as well.

 Many more adventures are in store for the near future, and we look forward to embarking together on the journey into the history of each item, wrapped in an aroma of flavors, fragrances, and experiences.

Join us, we are taking off.

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