Military newsreel. photographs, documents, awards, covers, postcards, etc.

Sunday, Dec 19, 10:00 AM
st. Hertzel 30 , P.O. Box 15541 , Rishon Lezion, 7550402, Israel

This section is intended for people interested in history and collectors. THESE PHOTOS, ENVELOPES, CARDS, etc. ARE NOT PROMOTING Violence, Racial Hatred and Racial Superiority! THIS MATERIAL IS INTENDED FOR COLLECTORS AND GENERAL DEVELOPMENT OF PEOPLE WHO ARE INTERESTED IN HISTORY.

Auction items are not certified. So it is sold as is. Buy by photography.

Originals of shaded objects, photographs, faces, etc. can be viewed at the link:

By participating in the auction, you confirm that you are interested in the content solely to replenish your personal collection and exclude the use of the provided material in order to promote manifestations of extremism in any form.

1. Please note - goods are sold as is - AS IS!

    What, when and at what time was made - we do not always know. We accept collections to the auction site from collectors. What we are asked to write - we write!



2. Applications cannot be canceled after they have been submitted !!!

3. Payment method:

- Cash

- Bank transfer (+ 4%) commission on the entire amount, including shipping.

- BIT application - for number - 054-7224409 (Israel)

- Credit card (+ 3%) commission on the total amount, including shipping.

- Paysend

- Payment via PayPal (+ 5%) commission on the entire amount, including shipping.

- Western Union and other systems (as agreed)

- Check - (+ 3%) sending only after receipt of money to the bank account.

4. Delivery by registered mail - there may be delays in receiving the parcel, monetary compensation for the parcel lost by mail is not paid.

Cost from $ 6 (depending on the size or weight of the items). The winner will receive a tracking number for the package.

5. Courier to home (Israel) - 80 shekels.

Please - if for some reason you are not going to pay - please refrain from submitting applications !!!

* Very important - goods must be paid within 10 business days from the date of sale.

* Please note - Failure to pay on time will void your winnings and block the bidder from the auction.

The dollar rate will be announced on the day of the sale.

Good luck everyone !!!

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