Auction 90 Part 1 THE PAPERNY CONTINUES...

By The Arc

Oct 31, 2021
Moscow, embankment of Taras Shevchenko, d. 3, Russia

LIBRARY and household items of the scientist and writer.

Zinovy Samoilovich Paperny - literary critic, literary critic, parodist writer was born 102 years ago .

Graduated from the N. G. Chernyshevsky MIFLI (1941). Doctor of Philology (1964), Professor. Member of the Union of Writers of the USSR (1954). Author of articles about Boris Pasternak in the Concise Literary Encyclopedia (1968) and BES (1975). He prepared the collection "Proletarian Poets of the first years of the Soviet era" for the Large series "Poet's Library" (1959).

In 1980, he was awarded the Golden Calf Award of the Literary Newspaper (The 12 Chairs Club). Speaking German, he corresponded with Slavists, and possessed rare books published abroad.

His most famous parody — "What is he roosting for?" - is based on Vsevolod's novel Kochetova "What do you want?", dedicated to the fight against the corrupting influence of the West, "walked" around Moscow in "samizdat") and was the reason for the exclusion of Paperny from the CPSU in 1970.

Zinovy Paperny is the author of the famous expression "Long live all that we are thanks to, no matter what." His circle of acquaintances included prominent cultural figures: K. Chukovsky (a neighbor in the dacha), A. Raikin, L. Utesov, Samuel Marshak, Lev Kassil, M. Svetlov, Bulat Okudzhava, Robert Rozhdestvensky and many others.

In 1948, K. Simonov invited him to the Literary Gazette. Zinovy Paperny was connected by friendly and professional correspondence with famous literary critics, writers, playwrights, artists, including authors of the post-Soviet space (A. Knyshev, V. Vishnevsky, A. Dekelbaum, etc.).

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