AuctionHouse Algarve

Sitio Do Besouro, Conceicao, 8005-416, Faro, Portugal

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AuctionHouse Algarve 

The AuctionHouse Algarve is a British-style auction house that aspires to provide an independent and reliable service to our local community. We offer our clients a safe environment to buy and sell a wide range of products through auction. 

We are located on the National 2 road, 8km north of Faro, near the village of Estoi and only 1 minute off juction 14 of the A22 motorway. 

We have a wide range of clients including business owners, banks, bailiffs and private individuals who provide a vast spectrum of goods including; Furniture, Antiques, Collectables, Sports Equipment, White Goods, Ornaments, Art, Commercial Catering Equipment and much, much more.

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