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Antique Gallery "BOHEMA" is the largest private Antique gallery in Moscow.
We appeared in the antiques business not yesterday, but we have almost 50 years of experience, we know all its nuances. For this we use authority and respect in Russia and abroad.
Our collections of paintings, jewelry, furniture, silver, bronze, porcelain, are rightfully considered one of the best.
The main source of replenishment of the exposition is the purchase of art objects from private individuals, including from heirs of famous people and collectors. We pay more than others!
Being regular participants of the Western auctions of Sotheby's, Christie's, Dorotheum and even more than 500 world auctions and galleries, we are always aware of all the information, and therefore we have the opportunity to buy the most interesting items for our customers.
We accept orders for the search, purchase and delivery to any address of any items: paintings, porcelain, bronze, jewelry (including exclusive, with rare and large precious stones), collectibles, sculptures (including garden) and all , that only you will be pleased. We guarantee the fullest verification for authenticity and the lowest prices. All items purchased by us for you can be provided with permits for export from the Russian Federation.
Items from our collection were exhibited at many prestigious exhibitions: "The Great Faberge in the Hermitage", "Bolin in the Kremlin", etc.
We carry out a qualified licensed examination of precious stones.
All items sold undergo a qualified licensing examination. Only we have a clear and responsible system of guarantees for the authenticity of works of art, including liability insurance.
We cooperate with international expert organizations: the Kandinsky Committee (Munich, Germany), the Chagall Committee (Paris, France), the Faberge Foundation (Washington, USA) and many others.
We are responsible for what we do and for what we sell!

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8 (495) 605-64-97
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