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125284, г.Москва, Беговая ул., д.24

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Auction house "Among Collectors" was founded in 2005. We are actively engaged in research and publishing activities. Owners cabin - authors / co-authors of more than a dozen books on the history of Russian art. Our main types of specialization: Russian antique book (in DOS secular theme.) And Russian porcelain / pottery from 1744 to 1960.

We are full members of the International Confederation of antique (CINOA), the world's largest association of antique dealers. Since 2012, we received official accreditation from the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers (ILAB) as one of the top notch international antiquarian book dealers.

In 2012, we opened Restoration units that provide high-quality services for the restoration of ancient porcelain / earthenware products, as well as the old paper restoration and bookbinding work.

Since 2016 we carry out auctions of antique books.

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