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Online store "KIRILLITSA".
We have been working since 2015.
Antique and second-hand books. Art albums of the USSR. Rare and small editions of the Soviet era and modern Russia.
Ready-made thematic kits and libraries on the following topics: philosophy, psychology, ethics and aesthetics, travel, space, the Olympics, medicine and self-medication, fishing and hunting, religion, business literature, technical sciences, magic and occultism and much more!
Popular series of legendary publishers, such as: Detgiz, Young Guard, Science, Progress, Mir, etc.
And also: antique and modern postcards, postcards and open letters from Russia, near and far abroad. Autographs. Engravings. Posters.
We do not sell lots, we sell history.
A preliminary inspection of the lots is carried out at the address - Dobrolyubova passage 3, building 1 (the nearest metro station Butyrskaya). From 07.00 to 21.00 daily (including Saturday and Sunday). Date and time are agreed in advance and required.
More photos and video lots can be obtained by requesting information by phone. 8-917-530-1234 (WhatsApp, Viber)

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