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Among the many premium-grade jewelry brands, Geraldo occupies a special position. Geraldo jewelry house succeeded in achieving success without being a “family”, “legendary” or “personalized” brand, creating exclusive jewelry that is distinguished by the lack of technological limitations of design ideas and performance techniques that go beyond the usual boundaries of traditional jewelry art. Since its foundation, Geraldo Jewelry House has worked closely with the world's largest brands, providing them with a manufacturing and design base. The basis for Geraldo's joint activities with De Grisogono, Escada, Frank Muller, Jacob & Co, and others were the refinement of design solutions and impeccable quality of performance. Geraldo's jewelery masterpieces adorn the head of the Maltese Order and heiress of the Hilton Hotel Empire, the great motorcycle racer Troy Corseur and the famous Producer - David Furnish, the unsurpassed singer - Sir Elton John and Repper - Paf Deddy, world pop star Britney Spears and Russian pop stars Zara, a descendant of the Austro-Hungarian royal family - Baron Mikael Rays and President The Swiss Chronographic Association - Mr. Jean Daniel Dubois, actress Olga Kurylenko and singer Ozi Osbourne. Among the many jewelry brands, the Moscow Patriarchate chose Geraldo to manufacture a unique diamond cross for the inauguration of Alexy II, the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia.

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