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The auction house Kabinet opens the auction on a new site in Berlin - in one of the most cozy and favorite places Berliners and guests of the city on Sovinya parade ground.

Auction House Kabinet holds auctions on a variety of topics - from ancient art and ancient world items to numismatic auctions, from the art of old masters to the auctions of contemporary art. At the same time, the main theme of our interests and research remains two main areas - fine art of the XVIII-XX centuries and old books. Specialists of the auction house - recognized experts in the field, primarily Russian painting and graphics of the XVIII-XX centuries, bronze sculpture of the XIX century and faleristics and history of the Russian Empire.

Collections of paintings, graphics and bronze sculptures, collected by experts of the auction house Kabinet for their customers, are characterized by the highest quality of work. They were repeatedly presented as separate exhibits, as well as whole collections at exhibitions in leading museums, such as the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg and the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.

In the autumn-spring season 2016-2017 auction house Kabinet plans to hold an auction of European and Russian fine and decorative arts of the XVIII-XX centuries, the Auction of contemporary art and photography. The auctions will be held in December 2016.

In February, an auction of old and rare books, maps and engravings will take place.

The Auction House Kabinett organizes and holds in its halls on Sovinya a parade of an exhibition of old and modern art. We want to show our friends and customers a combination of different eras and styles, ancient artifacts and modern technologies in art.

The experts of the Auction House Kabinett have extensive experience in valuing old art items, as well as in describing and organizing the sale of inherited collections and individual works of art.

 The auction house conducts large research and publishing activities. In addition to the traditional catalogs of auctions, we are preparing to publish monographs and albums on the work of artists and sculptors.

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