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"Matisse Club" - St. Petersburg art space, specializing in the informal and informal art of Leningrad and St. Petersburg 40s-90s of the last century. The gallery represents artists of the Arefyevsky circle, the Gazanevsky era, the Sidlin school, the Sterligov school, the Kondratieff circle, the New Artists, the Mitka group and many others. In the "Matisse Club" also held master classes by contemporary St. Petersburg and foreign artists in painting, drawing and drawing graphics. Since 2015, the Matisse Club regularly organizes and conducts auctions of Leningrad and St. Petersburg art. On weekends in the gallery space works cinematics. "Matisse Club" has been operating since 2003.
Address: St. Petersburg, Nikolskaya Square, 6

Opening hours: Mon-Sat from 11:00 to 19:00

Contact auction house
8 (812) 572-56-70
8 (921) 930-00-97

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Matiss Club - Auction 30

Monday, 29.7.19

Matiss Club

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Matiss Club

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