Negev Antiqes

mordey Hagetaot 66, Beer Sheva

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"Negev Antiques" is a young and dynamic
sales house which is managed by two partners
who have a vision, a passion and love for art
and antiques for many years - 

Lior Baram and Ilya Chernomordik.
"Negev Antiques" is specialises in many areas including:

painting, sculpture, silverware, Judaica, antique furniture, porcelain, ceramics, jewelry, decorative items and more. 

We founded "Negev Antiques" to please all the fans of antiquity and especially residents of the southern periphery,

 where this area hasn’t been developed as in the rest of Israel.

 At "Negev Antiques", the largest sales house in the South,

 we buy and sell in the fastest and for the most affordable way for our customers.
If you have an item that you would like to buy or sell, 

we would be delighted if you contact us and reach out to us. 

We are available to you for any question, request or clarification.

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