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The online gallery "Picture Shop" has an extensive and unique collection of works of art, including painting and graphics, engraving and photography, sculpture and works of decorative art. The “Picture Shop” also has a solid collection of antique and second-hand books on art, postcards, autographs, a variety of paper rarities, and not just paper ones ... At the same time, “Picture Shop” is not a painting trash and not a Plyushkin collapse. Her collection is distinguished by two features: monographism (as a rule, the work of gallery artists is presented with exhaustive completeness, sometimes including even their children's drawings) and high quality. The “Picture Shop” does not acquire and, accordingly, does not sell works of a low artistic level. In the sphere of her interests, only highly professional, talented painting, graphics, sculpture, created by both recognized Soviet masters and masters, for one reason or another, so far little known to the general public.
So, the online gallery "Picture Shop" has the ability to complete auctions of different directions, themes and price orientations (from "democratic" to "expensive"). But they will always be filled only with high-quality and talented works of art, interesting and valuable books, various rarities and funny artifacts ...

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