Subastas Galileo

Calle Donoso Cortés, 38, 28015, Madrid (Spain)

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Maria de los Angeles Benayas García (hereinafter AUCTIONS GALILEO, the Chamber) AUCTIONS owner and holder of GALILEO, residing in Donoso Cortes, 38, 28015 Madrid. NIF. 02505153Q.

AUCTIONS GALILEO is a company dedicated to the sale at auction of works of art, antiques, collectibles and decor by hiring, brokerage and sale in voluntary auction or direct sale of the property sold by their owners or legitimate holders for this purpose, acting as intermediary between the owner / seller of each lot, on its behalf and potential bidders / buyers. We offer the best service and personalized service to find the right solution to your needs, whether you want to sell or buy. We have a technical advisory service and study, collection management, expert assessment, restoration, valuation and appraisal.

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(+34) 91 446 19 26
(+34) 630 002 314

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