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Apr 8, 2024
HOLON, Israel

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LOT 26:

David plays to ask for a 999 pure gold coin, new.... Amazing design a must in every collection (LIMITED EDITION)

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Start price:
$ 130
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Auction took place on Apr 8, 2024 at Jacov Jewelry

David plays to ask for a 999 pure gold coin, new.... Amazing design a must in every collection (LIMITED EDITION)
(pure gold coin 999 over 9 years)
Year of issue: 2013
Gold metal
Purity level: 999
Quality: Smooth
Weight: 1.24 grams
Diameter: 13.92 mm
Face value: 1 NIS
Final/maximum issue quantity: 5,000 units only. (LIMITED EDITION)
Stamping mark: the letter "M"
Design: Gideon Keich, Moshe Perag
"David Mengan Shaul" 2013
A commemorative coin issued by the Bank of Israel
18 in the "Pictures from the Bible" series
The image of the young David, playing to King Saul in the midst of his grief, after the Holy Spirit was removed from him, reflects the rise and fall of Saul described in the book of 1 Samuel.
During the days of the judges, the Philistines harassed the people of Israel and they demanded from Samuel the prophet to reign over them as a king. The chosen one was Shaul ben Kish of the tribe of Benjamin, who is described as "a young man and a good man, and there is no one among the children of Israel who is better than him and higher than all the people" (Samuel 1:9, 2). Indeed, Saul's reign, which lasted about two years, was accompanied by many wars against the Philistines. In addition, God commanded Saul, through the prophet Samuel, to also fight against Amalek, but Saul failed in his leadership, listened to the people and had mercy on Agag, king of Amalek. With this, his downfall began. By God's order, the prophet Shmuel was removed from being another king over Israel.
God sent Shmuel to Jesse of Bethlehem to appoint one of his sons to be king over Israel. Jesse presented his sons to Samuel, but none of them were desirable before God. Finally, Jesse brings his little son, a shepherd, a ruddy young man, with beautiful eyes and good eyesight, and God says to Samuel: "Get up from his anointing, for this is he" (Samuel 1:16, 12). From that day on, God's spirit was removed from Saul and transferred to David and in its place, an evil spirit possessed Saul. In order to calm him down, Saul's servants suggested looking for a man who could play the violin, and thus David ben Yishai the Shepherd, who had not yet been anointed king by the prophet, was suggested. "And David took the violin and played with his hand, and it was good for Saul, and it was good for him, and the evil spirit departed from him" (1 Samuel 16:23).
In the design of the coin, the figure of King Shaul is shown, in outlines that hint at his expected disappearance from power, sitting on the throne and the crown of the kingdom has been detached from his head. Before him, David, the young shepherd who will rule over the people after being secretly anointed king, is depicted as a simple boy playing to Saul.
The image of David the shepherd, playing the violin before King Saul.
Reverse of the coin:
The symbol of the country, the face value, the word "Israel" in Hebrew, English and Arabic, the year of issue and the mint mark. A decorative element symbolizing David's violin.
Regular currency: Part.
Decorated coins: incised.
On the face of the regular coin - Star of David.
On the surface of the decorated coins the letter "M" is below the face value.
The subject side - Moshe Perag
The value side - Gideon Keich
Carving: Tidhar Dagan
Origin: Norway
Authentic coin tested and certified at the auction house.

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