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May 30, 2021
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Levush. Complete Set. Prague 1609

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Levush. Complete Set. Prague 1609
Printed during the author’s lifetime!
Rare edition of the Levush, by R. Mordechai Yaffe. Includes all four parts; Levush Ha’Tcheiles on Orach Chaim, Levush Ateres Zahav on Yoreh Deah, Levush Butz V’Argamon on Even HaEzer and Levush Ir Shushan on Choshen Mishpat. With five title pages, bound in four volumes.
R. Mordechai Yaffe (1530-1612), known as The Levush, was born in Prague and learned under R. Shlomo Luria (Ma’HaRSHaL) in Lublin and the Rema in Cracow. After his marriage he settled in Prague, where he established a Yeshiva. Following the expulsion of the Jews from Prague in 1557, he settled in Italy. He later served in various important rabbinical positions, including Lublin and Posen. Received with enormous acclaim, the Levush is one of the most fundamental Halachic works.
Stefansky Hebrew Classics (159). Vinograd Prague 172, 173, 174, 192. Moshe ben Betzalel Katz press.
Volume one: 247 pages. 29 cm. Overall fine condition. Extensive wear to the first few pages (seemingly supplied from another copy), as well as some others, at times affecting some text. A few pages bound out of order. Some worming.
Volume two: 192 pages. 29 cm. Fine condition. A few pages with wear and tears, affecting some text. Lacking page 118.
Volume three: 116 pages. 29 cm. Moderate-fine condition. Heavy foxing. Some worming and tears, at times affecting some text.
Volume four: 210 pages. 29 cm. Fine condition. Some worming, at times slightly affecting some text. With signatures of R. Wolf Leib Moihaver, distinguished talmid of the Boruch Ta’am and Rav in Ir-Chodosh.
Elegant uniform leather bindings.
Opening bid $1000

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