Eastern Asian Art & Antiques Auction
By Lion & Unicorn
Apr 11, 2024
200 Oakwood Lane Suite 200 Hollywood, FL 33020, United States
A meticulously curated collection of exquisite Eastern Asian Art & Antiques awaits you. Explore a diverse array of Japanese woodblock prints crafted by esteemed artists like Un'ichi Hiratsuka, Gekko, Hiroshige, and the legendary Hokusai. Delve into a world of artistic mastery with an assortment that extends beyond prints to encompass captivating Bronzes and Sculptures, elegant Porcelain Vessels, enchanting Wall Hangings, timeless Vintage Jewelry, intriguing Books & Literature, and an abundance of other treasures waiting to be discovered. Immerse yourself in the richness of Eastern Asian culture through this extraordinary assemblage.
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LOT 46:

3pc Shufunotomo Japanese Lithographic Prints

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$10 - $200
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Auction took place on Apr 11, 2024 at Lion & Unicorn

3pc Shufunotomo Japanese Lithographic Prints
The prints are from the 1930s collection called Guidebook For House Wife's Life by Shufunotomo in Tokyo. Each woodblock-style print is designed by different artist, depicting a bijin-ga ukiyo-e art style. Artists signatures on the top right corners. Publisher seal on the bottoms.

Issued: 20th century
Dimensions: 3"W x 14"H
Manufacturer: Shufunotomo
Country of Origin: Japan

Condition: Age related wear.

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