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Zera Yitzchak - Toldot Avraham. Rare and Interesting Manuscript that has never been Published. Amsterdam, 1700s

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Zera Yitzchak - Toldot Avraham. Rare and Interesting Manuscript that has never been Published. Amsterdam, 1700s

Zera Yitzchak-Toldot Avraham. Rare and interesting manuscript. Novellae by Rabbi Yitzchak Lemgo of Amsterdam and historic notes from his disciple, Rabbi Avraham Printz. Amsterdam, 18th century.

This unprinted manuscript is comprised of several parts.

1. Handwritten novellae by the gaon Rabbi Yitzchak of Lemgo, author of Toldot Yitzchak al HaTosefta (first 28 leaves).

2. Novellae, sermons, eulogies for his descendants and handwritten essays by his disciple Rabbi Avraham Printz.

3. Important transcripts, historic and family memories mohel's ledger and two wills he wrote for his descendants, in Rabbi Avraham Printz' script.

Within this bundles of writings, Rabbi Avraham transcribed letters sent from the sages and community leaders of Jerusalem, Hebron and Tiberias, issues of emissaries, finding the Ten Lost Tribes and more for the Clerks and Administrators organization. It appears these letters have not yet been printed.

Rabbi Yitzchak of Lemgo [1749-1800] was born in Lemgo; he was a childhood friend of Rabbi Ya'akov Lowenstam, Av Beit Din of Amsterdam, and he may have studied under the gaon Rabbi Shaul of Amsterdam. He was one of the leading scholars of Amsterdam and served as a lecturer in the Ashkenazic study hall in Jerusalem. In 1800, he was accepted as the Av Beit Din of Gunningen, but he passed away childless that same year.

He left a huge commentary on the entire Tosefta, comprised approximately 1500 leaves. After his passing, his family published a leaf of his commentary as a sample so that a generous person would assist in its printing, but this initiative was unsuccessful. [Afterwards, his primary disciple, Rabbi Avraham Printz, printed this leaf at the end of Likkutei Tzvi. Amsterdam 1809.]

At the beginning, he wrote 'All who came to our city knew the lofty sanctity of the great luminary Rabbi Yitzchak Itzik Segal, ztzh"h son of Zalman Segal of Lemgo, Av Beit Din of Gunningen and Agpia, and his diligent study - he did not leave the tent of Torah from his earliest days, through the days and nights ... and he left behind a commentary on the Tosefta ... his commentary on the Tosefta Megillah was printed recently by Machon Ofek and his life story and the story of his writings are written up extensively there.

Rabbi Avraham Printz (1768/9-1851) was Rabbi Yitzchak's primary disciple; he raised him in his home when he became an orphan (this detail is mentioned in the manuscript before us). He was an extraordinary Talmudic scholar, one of the glorious personalities of the Ashkenazic community in Amsterdam, one of the founders of the renowned charity fund Pekidim V'Amrecalim - this manuscript contains fascinating information about the founding of this great enterprise.

88 [2] leaves; 2-147 pp. 15x19.5 cm. Thick, high-quality paper, original red leather binding, embossed in gilt with the book's name and decorations.

Fine-very fine condition, minimal aging stains.

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