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The holy handwriting of the “sefat emet”

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The holy handwriting of the “sefat emet”
The holy handwriting of the “sefat emet”
Half page, written on front and back,
Contains chidushim on shulchan aruch “yore dea”
Simanim 81 and 82.

This chidushim were printed in the book “sefat emet” on shulchan aruch “yore dea”
(Refer to there in its introduction which proves the manuscript is from the seat emet)

R. Yehuda Aryeh Leib Alter, (1847-1905,) the second Gerrer Rebbe and author of Sfat Emet was a prominent Rebbe and leader of Polish Jewry. Under his leadership, the Gerrer Chassidut grew to become the largest and most influential Chassidic dynasty in Poland. When his grandfather the Chiddushei HaRim died in 1866, R. Yehuda Aryeh Leib was appointed, as per his grandfather's testament, to become rabbi of Ger at the young age of 19. The Chassidim wanted to appoint him Rebbe as well, however he adamantly refused, instead joining a group of Ger Chassidim who accepted the leadership of R. Chanoch Henich HaKohen of Aleksander (a disciple of the Kotzker Rebbe). When R. Yehuda Aryeh Leib would travel to see him each year, the Aleksander Rebbe (who was very old at that time) showed great respect for the young man and would seat him at the head of the table. Then, when the Aleksander Rebbe died in 1870, the Chassidim repeated their request that the Sfat Emet serve as Rebbe. After much imploring on the part of the Chassidim, the Sfat Emet accepted their request. Interestingly, since the Sfat Emet refused to sit at the head of the table, it became customary for future Gerrer Rebbes, as well, to sit in the middle of the table and not at its head. Notwithstanding his original refusals to serve as Rebbe, after accepting the post he employed his brilliance and wisdom to elevate and strengthen his multitudes of Chassidim, counseling them in matters both spiritual and material. As his reputation grew, tens of thousands more – from all over Poland and the neighboring countries – began to flock to Ger in seek of the Sfat Emet’s counsel and guidance. Before long, the Gerrer Chassidut had developed into the largest Chassidut in Poland, with approximately 100,000 people coming to visit each year. In 1899, a special railway line was launched between Ger and Warsaw to service the thousands of Chassidim who thronged to Ger. This railway was dubbed "The Rebbe's Line" and the Sfat Emet personally participated in funding its construction. The Sfat Emet's classic work on the Torah, renowned for its depth and originality, is quite likely the Chassidic book which has achieved the most popularity in circles unaffiliated with Chassidut, such as the Lithuanian yeshiva world. Likewise, the profound Talmudic novellae of the Sfat Emet are widely studied. 

size; 8 in 20.32 cm

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