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Sefer Em La'Masorot and Sefer Zichron Yerushalayim – Important Historical Composition with Rare Illustrations – ...

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Sefer Em La'Masorot and Sefer Zichron Yerushalayim – Important Historical Composition with Rare Illustrations – Beck Print, Jerusalem 1876
Two rare books which were printed together (thus in most of the copies printed) by Rabbi Shneor Zalman son of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Mendelovitch.
A. Em La'Masorot
About the traditions of writing the Torah by Rabbi Arye Leib Charif. At the opening of the book there are agreements of the greatest rabbis of Hebron and Jerusalem and of the greatest Rebbes.
Rabbi Arye Leib Charif is the grandfather of the publisher, Rabbi Shneor Mendelovitch. Rabbi Arye Charif was a rabbi of several towns in Russia. The book was printed in honor of David Samson of Bombay, as mentioned by the grandson in his introduction to the book. At the end of the introduction there is an acrostic poem. Includes a special prayer which Rabbi Saul of Hammil used to pray before writing a Torah Scroll.
Nissan Beck and his grandson Chaim Zvi Print.
16 pp.
Condition: good. The title page is missing. The first page is torn.
B. Zichron Yerushalayim by Rabbi Shneor Mendelovitch detailing his history in the Land of Israel. With rare illustrations.
An especially fascinating, rare book. With a separate title page.
Rabbi Shneor Zalman Mendelovitch immigrated to Israel before 1830 and headed the CHABAD Kollel. He was the emissary of the CHABAD Hassidim in Hebron to Arab countries. In 1852, he visited Iraq and India and in 1858, he again travelled to India to collect money for the institutions of CHABAD in Hebron and Jerusalem. In the book before us, he describes his experiences during his travels, among others his connections to Lord David Sasson in Bombay and his meeting with Queen Victoria in her palace in London.
The book contains many illustrations, some of which are most rare. Among others: Tiferet Yisrael Synagogue on the Old City, CHABAD Synagogue in the Old City (building plan), the Western Wall, Rachel's Tomb, Cave of Machpela, the synagogue of Rabbi Meir Ba'al ha'Nes.
The book is kind of a continuation of the book written by the author's teacher, Rabbi Chaim Horowitz, 'Chibat Yerushalayim' (Jerusalem 1844) and its purpose, as written in the introduction, is to arouse the love for the Land of Israel among the Jews in the Diaspora. The book also includes essays about the virtue of the Land of Israel.
The book is a treasure of most important historical information and fascinating stories about the first days of the Jewish settlement in Israel. The author presents a detailed list of Sephardic and Ashkenazic synagogues in Jerusalem, with the names of their rabbis. He also presents detailed lists that include important information about the yeshivas and charity institutions of Jerusalem.
A special chapter is dedicated to the Jewish settlement in Hebron and one to the Jewish community of Zefat and Lag Ba'Omer celebrations in Meron. Then the author reviews his journeys to the Jewish communities of Assyria, Damascus, Aleppo, Bagdad, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Syria, Babylon, India, Egypt, Holland, Germany and more. The chapters contain important information about these communities and the rabbis and personages who were their members.
A long chapter is dedicated to Bombay with an impressive illustration of the synagogue of the Minister Abdullah of Bombay in Jerusalem.
28 pp.
Condition: Good. Damaged, non-original cover.
20.5 cm.

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