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Books of Rabbi Chayim Yehoshua Kasovsky "the Concordances Author" - Two Important Items

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Rabbi Chaim Yehoshua Kosovsky (1873-1960), the author of many books and essays. Was known as 'The Author of the Concordances' due to his great work on various concordances. A well-read, knowledgeable person. He was born in Jerusalem to his father, Rabbi Avraham Avly, a rabbinical judge of the first rabbinical court of the Ashkenazi community. He studied at Etz Chaim Talmud Torah and Yeshiva. As a youth, he was considered a unique prodigy so much so that he was given a room in the attic of the Hurva synagogue so he could study without interruption. When he was a youth, he insisted on speaking only Hebrew and due to his love of the language, composed, over the years, various concordances to enrich it. His compositions evoked admiration among religious circles and wider ones. The poet Bialik wrote to him: "Your great enterprises … evoke amazement and admiration. It is unbelievable that in the hand of one man had done all this".
A. Otzar Lasho Ha'Mishna (The language of the Mishna). Volume A of the concordance of the Mishna. Jerusalem, 1914. A copy with a printed dedication to Herbert Samuel, the first high commissioner to the Holy Land. Rare.
Printed at the printing house that was founded by the author, Rabbi Chaim Yehoshua Kosovsky, himself for this purpose. This copy contains a printed dedication "in honor of the Minister, Eliezer ben Menachem, Sir Herbert Samuel, the first High Commissioner to the Holy Land". The dedication appears only in several copies of this edition. In one of the copies of the National Library, his son added in his handwriting that his father had cancelled the dedication after the Commissioner had given the eastern part of Israel to the Emir Abdulla.
The book includes a printed letter of the High Commissioner on receiving this important book.
312 pp.
Condition: Excellent.
B. Sefer Ha'Tushiya Pamphlet. Jerusalem, 1895. First pamphlet. Rare.
Includes two essays, one about Tzitzit and one about Betzat Trefa.
28 pp.
Condition: Good. The cover is missing. Some of the pages are dry and fragile.

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