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LOT 558:

Two Books of Eulogies – Hungary – Rare

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A. 'Kinyan Chadash' and 'Avedat Rabbo'. By Rabbi Mordechai Farhand. Budapest, 1923. Single Edition. Rare
'Kinyan Chadash', a scholastic book by Rabbi Mordechai Farhand and at its end, the book 'Avedat Rabbo' – 'A bitter eulogy for our great rabbi … Rabbi Eliezer Deutsch who was rabbinical judge of Benhard, by me the young one and his student Mordechai Farhand…".
Aggrements by Rabbi Moshe Farhand, the author's father, in which he states that he has heard from Rabbi Eliezer Chaim Deutsch praise for his son's commentary; Rabbi Shmuel Angel; Rabbi Mordechai Leib Winkler; Rabbu Yeshaya Zilberstein; Rabbi Eliezer Chaim Deutsch, the author of 'Tvu'at Ha'Sade' and more.
On page 48, there is a letter from Rabbi Moshe Sofer to his student Rabbi Moshe Segal from 20.6.1831. On page 49-70: Responsa.
Ownership signatures of Matityahu Hertzki of the Neitra community, 1931.
70 pp.
B. Nesher Shlomo by Rabbi David Gross, Groswardein, 1943. Single Edition. Rare
Eulogy for Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Hertzog, the president of the Tab community in Hungary and of the heads of the Hevra Kadisha of the town.
The book also includes several essays of the author about the education of children, life and death and more, all in a rich language.
The book was printed at the eve of the Holocaust. On eof the last books printed in Groswardein.
The author, Rabbi David Gross, the author of 'Zahav Shva' was the rabbi of the Tab community in Hungary. He was the student of Rabbi Yehoshua Bucksboim and Rabbi Akiva Sofer. He served as a rabbinical judge in Pressburg. He was the son-in-law of Rabbi Simcha Breyer. He survived the Holocaust and at the end of his days, headed the Neitra Yeshiva in Mount Kisko.
16 pp.
Special edition from 'Ha'Nesher' Pamphlet.
Condition: Good-Very Good. New cover.

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