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LOT 570:

Six Important Booklets Printed in Jerusalem – Signature of Rabbi Hillel Witkind of Novardok

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A. Devar Eliezer. Jerusalem, 1910.
A small booklet about the Mitzvah of propagation by Rabbi Eliezer Yadid Ha'Levi.
Rabbi Eliezer Rachamim Yadid Ha'Levi, the author of 'Arye Sha'ag', a great Torah and Kabbala scholar. The son of Rabbi Yom Tov Yadid Ha'Levi of the Land of Israel.
18 pp.
B. Booklet with the essay 'Akavta De'Meshicha' and the essay 'Al Ha'Emuna', Rabbi Elchanan Waserman. Jerusalem, 1956.
Translation to Yiddish of the essays of Rabbi Elchanan Waserman, the head of the Novardok Yeshiva and the student of the Chafetz Chaim. The essays are against the Zionist Movement.
63 pp.
C. Imrot Tehorot Booklet. Jerusalem, 1903. Signature of Rabbi Hillel Witkind, the founder of Novardok Yeshiva in the Land of Israel.
"The routes to Teshuvah by one of the greatest Torah scholars of Portugal, Rabbi Don Avraham Chayun" with comments by the ADERET.
With an introduction by Rabbi Avraham Aharon Zonenfeld, the founder of 'Chedvat Yisrael' Publication, which published the booklet before us. Rabbi Zonenfeld, the son of Rabbi Yosef Chaim Zonenfeld was a great religious author in Jerusalem and destined for greatness; however, he died at a very young age.
With the signature of Rabbi Hillel Witkind, the son-in-law of Rabbi Yosef Yozel Horowitz, the Alter of Novardok. The founder and head of the Novardok Yeshiva in Israel.
Condition: Good. The title page is slightly loose.
D. Toldot Yisrael Yemot Olam. Jerusalem, 1948. Rare.
A booklet about the history of the Jewish nation, first part, on the book of Genesis – the history of the generations since the creation of the world until Jacob and his sons left for Egypt. By Rabbi Ya'akov Meir Shechter, a teacher and educator, the author of several books, 'Zimrat Yesha' among them.
124 pp.
Condition: Excellent.
E. Keter Torah. Jerusalem, 1936. Rare.
A festive booklet that was published on the occasion of Rabbi Zvi Peshach Frank being appointed as the Rabbi of Jerusalem.
The booklet details the biography of Rabbi Frank and the sequence of events that led to his being appointed as the Rabbi of Jerusalem. The booklet includes, among others, letters from activists and rabbis. At the end of the booklet there are greeting letters from various institutions and synagogues in Jerusalem.
52 pp.
Condition: Excellent.
F. Devar Ha'Shmita, Rabbi Moshe Zvi Nerya. Jerusalem, 1938. Rare.
The author: Rabbi Moshe Zvi Nerya (1913-1996), an educator and spiritual leader, the founder of Merkaz Yeshivot Bnei Akiva. Was known for his great influence on the shape of the national-religious society, which espouses the ideal of combining Torah, work and the State.
He wrote the booklet, "about the Shmitah – its sanctity, laws and causes", in his youth when he was the chairman of Bnei Akiva and it was published by the national board of Bnei Akiva in Israel.
A handwritten dedication appears on the title page.
A stamp of the Chief Rabbinate of Egypt.
108 pp.
Condition: Good. The jacket of the booklet is missing.

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