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LOT 574:

Collection of Important Booklets

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A. Kovetz Ha'Yerach, two booklets: August 1949; June-July 1950. Djerba Hara Kabira.
Editor and publisher: Refael Kadir Tzaban. New interpretations of the Halacha and Aggada. To this is added the booklet 'Ma'ase Roke'ach' in Arabic.
Condition: Good-Very Good.
B. Kol Torah Journal, Issues 8-9, April-May 1954. Jerusalem. Religious essays of great Torah scholars.
Editor: Rabbi Shmuel Aharon Shazuri.
22 pp.
Condition: Good.
C. Kol Torah Journal, Issues 10-13, June-August 1954. Jerusalem. Religious essays of great Torah scholars. The Sabbath polemic in Japan.
Added to this is the booklet 'Ha'Shabbat Ve'Mizrach ha'Olam; by Rabbi Menachem mendel Kasher, the author of 'Torah Shlema'.
17 pp.
Condition: Good.
D. Yisrael Saba Journal, Issue 11, February 1963. Kiryat Sanz, Brooklyn, USA.
Published by the Educational Board of the National Committee of the Surviving Remnants headed by the Rebbe of Klausenburg.
New interpretations of Halacha and Aggada by the Rebbe of Klausenburg and comments of the Yeshiva students.
32 pp.
Condition: Excellent.
E. Yisrael Saba Journal, Issue 17, August 1963. Kiryat Sanz, Brooklyn, USA.
New interpretations of Halacha and Aggada by several rabbis, the Rebbe of Klausenburg among them.
32 pp.
Condition: Excellent.
F. Kovetz Ha'Pardes, Issue 11, January 1941. New York Chicago. Holocaust and the rescue of Yeshivas. Booklet with rare historical documentation!
Editor and publisher: Rabbi Shmuel Aharon Ha'Levi Pardes (previously a rabbi and teacher in Zvirtza Poland and rabbinical judge in Galicia).
A religious collection of Halacha and Aggada, the world of rabbis and religious life in the Land of Israel.
The booklet includes a poster of the Union of Rabbis calling for the rescue of the yeshivas: "A great disaster has befallen millions of Jews abroad. Thousands of communities have been destroyed … and millions of our brothers have been cruelly killed by the enemy…" The booklet also includes a letter by Rabbi Hertzog in favor of the yeshivas, a review of the activity of Va'ad Ha'Hatzala, an eulogy for Rabbi Moshe Ha'Levi Soloveitchik and more.
66 pp.
Condition: Fair.
G. Kovetz Ha'Pardes, Issue 11, January 1941. New York Chicago. Holocaust and rescue. The affair of Rabbi Soloveitchik. Booklet with rare historical documentation!
The booklet contains an expansive survey of the activities of Va'ad Ha'Hatzala of the Surviving Remnants, a call for the Jews of the USA to support the activities of the Va'ad, protocols of its meetings, an essay defending Rabbi Yosef Dov Ha'Levi Soloveitchik of Boston who was defamed by his opponents, who informed on him to the authorities.
64 pp.
Condition: Very Good.
H. Kovetz Ha'Posek, Issue 131, February 1951. Tel Aviv. Important essays of great Torah scholars from all circles. A special essay about the image of a religious woman in the Kabbalist City.
Editor and publisher: Rabbi Hillel son of Rabbi Eliyahu Posek.
Collection of new interpretation of Halacha and Aggafa with a survey of religious books.
Among the writers: Rabbi Zvi Yehuda Ha'Cohen Kook, Rabbi Pinchas Ha'Levi Epstein and more. Including a nice survey by Rabbi Shimon Bar Loy 'The Image of a Religious Woman in the Kabbalist City'.
16 pp.
Condition: Good.
I. Two Issues of 'Ha'Ne'eman', September 1956 and March-April 1973.
Condition: Very Good.
J. Kovetz Ma'ayan Ha'Chassidut, Issue 3, 1966. Jerusalem.
Published by 'Igud Rabbanim Hassidim'. Edited by Rabbi Menachem Guttman, Rabbi Miasy and the grandson of the Ba'al Shem Tov.
16 pp.
Condition: Very Good.
Two additional religious booklets are added.

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