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LOT 587:

Volume with the Polemic books of Rabbi Efrayim Deinard

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Rabbi Efrayim Deinard (1846-1930) was a bibliography, scholar and fertile author. He wrote in Hebrew, Yiddish and English. He was a book collector and dealer. He fought against Hassidism, Kabbala and Zionism.
Deinard was a colorful, fascinating figure. A visionary and wonderful rejuvenator in the field of the Hebrew book. In his travels around the world he purchased and collected ancient Hebrew books, manuscripts and first prints (some accused him of forgery).
The books were written in his famous style – harsh and astute. He did not spare his opponents nor anyone he thought was deviating from the correct path, beginning with the Zionist and ending with the Hassidim – he admonished all of them with his sharp tongue.
A. Orchat bat Ami. St. Louis, 1920
"to prepare our people for the establishment of the Sanhedrin in Zion … and five hundred rabbis around the world have already written and signed and decided to start carrying out the assignment".
At the end of the book, the essay 'El Ha'Am Be'Zion' against the Socialist Movement.
100 pp.
B. Gan Ha'Sanhedrin. Jerusalem, 1927.
The author: Rabbi David Menachem Dienard, a relative of Rabbi Efrayim. In the booklet he supports the idea of establishing the Sanhedrin and strongly condemns the establishment of the Chief Rabbinate.
57 pp.
C. Tzelem Ba'Heichal, St. Louis, 1926
The book accuses the two activists, Dr. Yosef Kloizner in Jerusalem and Dr. Steven Weiss in New York, of collaborating and sympathizing with Christianity. This continues the author's objection to any kind of cooperation with Christians. He even perceived the Balfour Declaration as a Christian Anglican conspiracy.
184 pp.
D. Zvi Chemed, New York. 1926
The book corresponds with the previous book about Kloizner and Weiss.
The author: Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Freidman, Rabbinical Judge of Adat YeshurunCommunity, New York.
32 pp.
E. Zion Be'ad Me, Be'ad Bolshevikim O Yehudim? (In Whose Favor is Zion, the Bolsheviks or the Jews?) Arlington, 1918.
F. Polemic book in sharp and witty language against the Socialist and Workers' Movements among the Zionist. 190 pp.
Condition: Most books are in excellent condition. The Book 'Gan Ha'Sanhedrin' is slightly disintegrating.

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