Auction 23 Contemporary Israeli Art
Sep 8, 2020
 רמת גן

KooKoo traveled all over the country and brought you the most special, in this sale we will introduce you to 10 new and fascinating Israeli artists -

Meet a Yariv Amitay, who combines his two great loves - the written and illustrated history of the Middle Ages and the anarchist humor of Dudu Geva,

Lena Rabenko, an Israeli artist you have not yet heard of but in China she is already very famous and it is time for you to get to know her,

Exciting oil paintings by young artist Dasha Fibrovov,

Lucy Bitton and Benjamin Netanyahu Research Laboratory in 3D Sculpture,

Meet the youngest artist in KooKoo - Ofek Elia, 23, a breathtaking miniature realist,

Romantic collages, stories by collage artist Tzlil Brandheim,

Meet Orna Geva with naive-spicy canvas works,

Abi Jonge with linoleum cuts that will make you laugh,

And 3 graffiti works straight from London by Adrian Boswell!

A huge work by Avner Katz from the time he was in New York,

Tali Ben Eliezer and her injured wives this time with 3 large canvas works,

Take the opportunity to win 5 oil works by Diana Kogan,

Sveta Shelest with huge embroidery work "Israeli Vitruvic"

And pay attention to the "Rothschild 60" structured by the artist Shaul Cohen

KooKoo takes care of you for the best

And as always - all the art comes directly from the artist's studio

For questions and recommendations 0558859447 - Lisa

* Delivery with a courier to the door for NIS 39

The auction has ended

LOT 48:

The Broccoli Man
''LSD Mind'' 2019

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Start price:
$ 90
Estimated price:
$180 - $250
Auction house commission: 15%
VAT: 17% On commission only
Users from foreign countries may be exempted from tax payments, according to the relevant tax regulations

''LSD Mind'' 2019
Broccoli sculpture made of gypsum combinations and various adhesives (secret recipe) framed in a wooden frame
26/26 cm

Adrian Boswell Is Shoreditch’s Broccoli Man
In early 2017, broccoli supplies in England collapsed due to a crop failure in Spain, prices soared, shops set up barricades.
A street artist made light of such woes as real broccoli started to appear in art on Shoreditch walls!
The art consisted of real broccoli cut in half with additional collaged elements showing the face, hands and feet of a bearded gentleman. From January 2017 on round and square mirrors Broccoli Man appeared, then from March the natural greens of the broccoli were replaced by reds.
The placement was often amusing, such as on this huge unofficial billboard advertising a tv program about a certain recreational plant, suggesting that the programme was an in-depth feature on broccoli.
Adrian Boswell, the artist behind the face in the broccoli introduced himself one morning, and in addition to being a very friendly chap who regards putting broccoli up on walls as an obvious thing to do, Adrian is also a prolific collage artist.
Adrian is a quiet spoken, industrious indeed prolific artist. He acknowledges that his work ethic and intense bursts of activity may see him working 30 hour continuous sessions without sleep in his studio.
Adrian has a number of projects in the pipeline including opening a gallery abroad, taking the broccoli street art concept to another level and, of course, producing more studio art. He is also engaged on an ambitious book project, hoping to produce a book a year for 10 years.
Broccoli continues to appear on the street, the broccoli has turned gold, perhaps in response to that brief period in 2017 when it became a luxury item and recently a rainbow spectrum of broccoli appeared.
In the most recent installations in Shoreditch, gold Broccoli Man has appeared imprisoned in a cage.

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