Auction 124 Part 1 Clearance Sale Part 1
Sep 22, 2020
 3 Shatner Center 1st Floor Givat Shaul Jerusalem

We are pleased to present to you for the first time, Winner's Annual Clearance Sale.

We have assembled approximately 700 interesting, rare and diverse items across various areas of interest whose common denominator is their low opening price, much lower than their real value.

Almost all start at $10

Auction is time based automatically with no Auctioneer.

No Reserved price !!!

Commission will be 25% + VAT on the commission

Each item will carry an added handling charge of $5

The auction has ended

LOT 39:

Signature of Rabbi Shmuel Zanvil, Av Beit Din of Wallenstein, In-law of Rabbi Akiva Eiger.

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Sold for: $100
Start price:
$ 10
Estimated price:
$200 - $300
Auction house commission: 25% More details
VAT: 17% On commission only
Users from foreign countries may be exempted from tax payments, according to the relevant tax regulations

Signature of Rabbi Shmuel Zanvil, Av Beit Din of Wallenstein, In-law of Rabbi Akiva Eiger.

Sefer Shnem Asar Derashot L'HaRa"n, Lvov edition 1781.

The flyleaf bears an owner's signature and a lengthy inscription: Received as a gift from Rabbi Rephael Shmuel Segal, son of my brother-in-law, the belated Rabbi Moshe Segal of Gridetz, and signed by the youth Rabbi Shmuel Zanvil of Wallenstein. Written here in the above-mentioned community on Thursday, 24 Menachem Av 1821 [chronogram: גואל ישראל].

The title page of the book is lacking and is completed by hand, in the form of the manuscript, also in Rabbi Shmuel Zanvil's script.

Rabbi Shmuel Zanvil, Av Beit Din of Wallenstein was Rabbi Akiva Eiger's in-law [some say that he was the father-in-law of Rabbi Avraham Eiger - refer to Toldot Mishpachat Munk - and this should be investigated] and he corresponded with him in halachah. Refer to Shu"t RA"E, first edition, section 161 and second edition section 141. Rabbi Shmuel, in his approbation to Shu"t Gavr"i (Frankfurt am Main) calls him "my in-law" in the body of the book, where responsa from him are printed.

There is a handwritten gloss on page 15b, fine condition, simple binding. Minimal detached leaves.

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