Auction 124 Part 1 Clearance Sale Part 1
Sep 22, 2020
 3 Shatner Center 1st Floor Givat Shaul Jerusalem

We are pleased to present to you for the first time, Winner's Annual Clearance Sale.

We have assembled approximately 700 interesting, rare and diverse items across various areas of interest whose common denominator is their low opening price, much lower than their real value.

Almost all start at $10

Auction is time based automatically with no Auctioneer.

No Reserved price !!!

Commission will be 25% + VAT on the commission

Each item will carry an added handling charge of $5

The auction has ended

LOT 10:

Letter from Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Dushinsky. Jerusalem, Jerusalem. 1938

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Sold for: $160
Start price:
$ 50
Estimated price:
$200 - $300
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Letter from Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Dushinsky. Jerusalem, Jerusalem. 1938

Letter on official stationery, signed and stamped by the gaon Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Dushinsky, Av Beit Din of Galanta, Chust and Jerusalem, during his time as rabbi of Chareidi Jewry in the Land of Israel.

In this letter, written as a court ruling, the Mahari"tz reestablishes the regulation "רבני קדמאי גאוני הישוב" - that one third of the income of the Chevra Kaddisha be transferred to the Talmud Torahs in Jerusalem. The Mahari"tz emphasizes that the founders of the Chevra Kaddisha were the first Bada"tz of Jerusalem, and that they wrote and signed on this regulation as a founding regulation that is not to be changed.

The gaon Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Dushinsky [1868-1949] was one of the most well-known rabbinic leaders of his time. He served in the rabbinate of Galanta and Chust, where he led the yeshivah - one of the largest and most prominent in the Hungarian countries. In 1933, he ascended to the Land of Israel and was immediately given the position of leader of the Edah HaChareidit in Jerusalem, and leader of Chareidi Jewry in the Land of Israel.

[1] leaf paper, 27 cm. Official stationery, typewritten, with the Mahari"tz Dushinsky's signature and stamp.

Very fine condition. Fold marks. Minimal creases. Aging stains.

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