Auction 124 Part 1 Clearance Sale Part 1
Sep 22, 2020
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We are pleased to present to you for the first time, Winner's Annual Clearance Sale.

We have assembled approximately 700 interesting, rare and diverse items across various areas of interest whose common denominator is their low opening price, much lower than their real value.

Almost all start at $10

Auction is time based automatically with no Auctioneer.

No Reserved price !!!

Commission will be 25% + VAT on the commission

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LOT 16:

Tzetaleh - Note for a Talmud Torah from the Ra'ava"d Rabbi Pinchas Epstein, 1959

Sold for: $110
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$ 10
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$100 - $150
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Tzetaleh - Note for a Talmud Torah from the Ra'ava"d Rabbi Pinchas Epstein, 1959

Interesting note handwritten and signed by the Ra'ava"d of Jerusalem, the gaon Rabbi Pinchas Epstein, to the principal of the Etz Chaim Talmud Torah in Jerusalem.

In this interesting note, the ga'avad recommends accepting a boy to the Talmud Torah after he tested the child during the holiday and saw that he is a "good boy." Lest we forget, we are speaking of the Ra'ava"d of the Edah HaChareidit, the head of the Avot Batei HaDin! Yet in absolute simplicity and humility, the Ra'ava"d occupies himself with testing a small boy and he even writes a 'tzetaleh' to the principal so that he is accepted to the 'cheder.' Oh, those Jerusalem tzaddikim, there are none like them left in the world.

Rabbi Pinchas Epstein immigrated to the Land of Israel at the age of 18, and was a moreh tzedek in the beit din of the Eidah HaCharedit led by Rabbi Sonnenfeld and Rabbi Diskin. He taught at the Torat Chaim yeshivah. He was appointed Ra'ava"d of the Eidah HaCharedit in 1948 and served as such until his passing on 17 Tevet 1969. He authored Orin Talitai [1913], Minchah Charivah [1923] and Minchat Yerushalayim, Part I, [Jerusalem, 2000]. Many of his writings were burned in the Old City during the War of Independence.

[1] slip of paper, approximately 5x14 cm. Entirely in the Ra'avad's hand and with his initialled signature.

Fine condition. Aging stains. Fold marks, tiny tear in the white margins.