Auction 59 Part 1 FIELD of MIRACLES with a psychiatric bias
By The Arc
Nov 7, 2020
Москва Набережная Тараса Шевченко д.3., Russia
Golden autumn will delight you with new and unusual. Books, posters, paintings, photos, documents including doctors and patients.
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LOT 51:

Sluchevsky K. In the North-West of Russia. Volume 2. In the West of Russia.

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Sluchevsky K. In the North-West of Russia. Volume 2. In the West of Russia.
St. Petersburg. Edition Of A. F. Marx. Permitted by the censor on September 2, 1897. 608, XII p., Fig., map. Hardcover with embossed cover, size 17.5 x 26.5 cm. Good condition. The block is loose, the binding is scuffed and slightly torn, the flyleaf and paragraph are taped with fabric, book trade stamps inside the back cover, small traces of moisture, the block crack between pages 20-21.

K. K. Sluchevsky - Russian poet of the second half of the XIX century. A special place in his work is occupied by travel essays 'On the North of Russia' (1886-1888) and `on the North-West of Russia` (1897), which appeared after a trip in the retinue of Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich to the North-Western and Northern provinces of European Russia. Written in hot pursuit, the essays reflect the dynamic and diverse life of the Russian North during the reign of Alexander III. Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich received a brilliant and versatile education, distinguished himself in the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878, later held a number of key positions in the military administration, and from 1884 to 1905 was the commander of the guards And the St. Petersburg military district.

Konstantin Konstantinovich Sluchevsky (July 26 [August 7] 1837, Saint Petersburg — September 25 [October 8] 1904, there) was a Russian poet, writer, playwright, and translator. Chamberlain, privy councillor.

He came from the nobility of Chernihiv province, the son of Senator Konstantin Afanasyevich Sluchevsky 2nd. Mother-Angelika Ivanovna, nee Zaremba.

He was brought up in the First cadet corps, from where in 1855, at the end of the course, the first student, with an entry on a marble Board, was released as an ensign in the Semyonovsky regiment. Then he moved to the life guards rifle battalion of His Imperial Majesty, serving in which for about two years, entered the General staff Academy, but in 1861 left the military service and went abroad.

He studied for several years in Paris, Berlin, and Heidelberg, where he received his Ph. D. in 1865.

After returning to Russia, he served in the Ministry of internal Affairs (1867-1874), state property (1874-1891) and again in the Ministry of internal Affairs as a V — class special assignments official.

From April 1891 to 1902, he served as editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Government Bulletin". he

Was a member of the Council of the Minister of internal Affairs, the Council of the Main Department for press Affairs and had the court title of Chamberlain.

He was married and had six children.

He was buried in Saint Petersburg at the Novodevichy cemetery.

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