Auction 1 Decorative objects, porcelain, crystal, silver items, Judaica, Israelina, jewelry, furniture and more

By The Bidder

Thursday, 28.1.16

Dear Buyers,

Display and sales take place online through the website only.

Please arrange pickup or delivery of the your purches up to one week from the date of sale.

Buyers of furniture items, please aware that the collection and transportation of the items will br from a storage near Jerusalem, only after the payment, and coordinate with the auction house.


The auction has ended

LOT 244:

Lot 5 old Israeli brass items

Start price:
$ 50
Auction house commission: 15%
VAT: On commission only
28/01/2016 at The Bidder

Lot 5 old Israeli brass items, 19550-60 S', include: picture holder, ashtray made in the shape of a fish by Sabra, ashtray shape of a man on a camel and a caption 'Alihem Shalom', a clothing rack by Dayagi and holding a notebook with a symbol of Israel made Nordia, different conditions