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Dec 8, 2020

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LOT 28:

2 Bound Manuscripts by the Chasam Sofer. Copied in Chust, 1872
1. Journal by the Chasam Sofer ...

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2 Bound Manuscripts by the Chasam Sofer. Copied in Chust, 1872

1. Journal by the Chasam Sofer – One-of-a-kind handwritten copy from the Chasam Sofer’s ledger recounting the history of the Jews and Pressburg community in the era of the Franco-Austrian War of 1809. The journal was written to commemorate the lives of “Fearers of heaven and those who extol His Name…to praise His Name throughout the land.”

 The journal opens with the Chasam Sofer’s description of chilling dreams and revelations which  he witnessed at the start of that bloody year, In these visions the heavens hinted to him of the dark events that would soon ensue. The author complements his descriptions with inspirational divrei Torah and mussar, along with praises and expressions of gratitude to Hashem for his wondrous acts of mercy as well as the miracles enacted during those trying times.

Journal first published in Pressburg, 1879. This manuscript was a copy rendered prior to print.

2. Handwritten, Autographed Anthology of Lessons of the Chasam Sofer by Harav Leib
Rubinstein, Dayan of Pressburg and Disciple of the Shevet Sofer and Maharam Shick.

This Anthology was rendered in 1822, in the home of his spiritual mentor Maharam Schick from a manuscript copied on his behalf during the Chasam Sofer’s lifetime.

 The Anthology contains the following documents:
1. Rules of Shas by the Chasam Sofer
2. Mechiras chametz deed
3. Chart of menachos and nesachim throughout the year
4. Weight of challah measured by Chasam Sofer in Prostitz, 1782
5. Calculation of all the letters in the Torah
6. Calendar of days and nights by Rabbi Nosson Adler as found in Frankfurt de Main
7. Text for loan agreement based on heter iska
8. Illustrated Torah measurements and weights

This Anthology was printed with numerous errors in Likutei Chaver ben Chaim. These errors were corrected based on this manuscript and reprinted in Likutei Teshuvos Chasam Sofer (London, 1965).

19: [1] 24 leaves. Good condition. Old binding.

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