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Dec 8, 2020

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LOT 40:

Handwritten Novellae by Harav Yonah Moshe Bondi. Mainz, 1811.
Unpublished ...

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Handwritten Novellae by Harav Yonah Moshe Bondi. Mainz, 1811.
Unpublished manuscript!

Torah novellae and Talmudic discourses on Tractates Gittin, Bava Metziah, Bava Basra and Chulin by Harav Moshe Yonah Bondi. Handwritten by his student.

The dates recorded in these novellae range from 1788-1805.

The titles above some of these novellae indicate that they were presented as discourses to his students in the yeshivah in Mainz. One example is ‘Rabbinical Discourse that I Delivered with the Help of Hashem before the Yeshivah Students in the Winter Semester of 1790 on Tractate Gittin 85 in the City of Mainz.”

The first page bears the inscription: “The discourses recorded in this pamphlet are from the tzaddik and chassid Hagaon Harav Moshe Yonah Bondi, zt”l.”

Hagaon Harav Yonah Moshe Bondi (1768-1806) was born in Prague. A disciple of the Noda B’Yehudah and Teshuvah Me’Ahavah, he married the daughter of Harav Naftali Hertz Sher, author of the Turei Zahav. Harav Yonah Moshe Bondi was renowned for his piety, depth and breadth in Shas and Poskim and he relayed lectures to the students of the Yeshivah of Mainz.
Unpublished manuscript ( excluding 2 pages printed by Moriah in Teves, 1997.)
[106] pages. 21x16 cm. Copy from Year 1811, as recorded on the back cover. Table of contents. Original binding border detached and tied with string. Good condition.

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