Auction 16 Zhitomir - Chassidut - "Chabad" - Privileged Copies - Signatures and Stamps - Letters and Manuscripts and more and more
Nov 12, 2020

Auction, most of it, from the estate of the great Chassid Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchak Kadner, a Chabad Chassidim, , a Chabad Chassidim, the grandson of the Admor Rabbi David Zvi Shlomo of Lalev and the nephew of the Kabbalist Rabbi Moshe Yair Weinstock.

The auction includes: The Siddur of Rabbi David Zvi Shlomo of Lalev !! Chabad Siddur Part Two, Zitamir Printing Press.

Letters from the Admor Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneerson and the Rabbi from Chabad, letters from Chabad Chassidim and more.

Tanya books - "pamphlets" - dollars and coins received from the holy hands of the Rebbe !!

Books from the Zitamir printing press, storks and ancient books.

Chabad books first editions - "Chabad" arrangements "and more and more.

Facsimiles include rare and numbered facsimiles.

Signatures and seals, dedications and "glosses", letters and manuscripts and more and more.

The auction has ended

LOT 9:

Chabad. 'Likutei Torah' Part Two. 3 editions. Zitamir Shadav - Vilna 1866 - 1808 - 1904.

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Sold for: $130
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$ 70
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Chabad. 'Likutei Torah' Part Two. 3 editions. Zitamir Shadav - Vilna 1866 - 1808 - 1904.
A. Old cover, first pages detached, fragile paper, good condition.
B. Leather binding, worn and detached, book falling apart, moth damage mainly in the margins, good condition. 
G. Worn old cover, slightly crumbling book and several detached pages, few moth holes, good condition.

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