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Nov 24, 2020
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LOT 20:

Levushei Serad, by the Author of Arvei Nachal – Collection of Editions – First Editions and More

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Levushei Serad, by the Author of Arvei Nachal – Collection of Editions – First Editions and More
Collection of editions of the book Levushei Serad, commentary to Shulchan Aruch, by R. David Shlomo Eybeschutz, author of Arvei Nachal:
1. Levushei Serad, Yoreh De'ah. Mohyliv, [1812]. First edition of Yoreh De'ah part. Approbations by prominent Chassidic leaders: R. Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev, the Ohev Yisrael of Apta and the Be'er Mayim Chaim. Stefansky Chassidut, no. 256.
2. Levushei Serad, Orach Chaim. Mohyliv, 1818. First edition of Orach Chaim part. Stefansky Chassidut, no. 253.
3. Levushei Serad, Orach Chaim. False imprint, stating "Mohyliv, 1818" (as in the first edition; regarding the distinction between this edition and the first one, see: R. Yechiel Dov Weller, Editions of Levushei Serad and Arvei Nachal by R. David Shlomo Eybeschutz, Zechor LeAvraham, Holon 1991, p. 96).
4. Levushei Serad, Yoreh De'ah. Hrubieszów, 1819. Stefansky Chassidut, no. 257. Stamp of the Yeshivat Chachmei Lublin library.
5. Levushei Serad, Yoreh De'ah. [Russia-Poland, ca. 1830]. Edition imitating the Hrubieszów 1819 edition, printed after it, leaf by leaf (see: A. Yaari, HaDfus HaIvri BeHrubishov, Kiryat Sefer, XX, 1943-1944, p. 226). Stefansky Chassidut, no. 259.
6. Levushei Serad, Orach Chaim. Zhovkva, 1836. Stefansky Chassidut, no. 254.
7. Levushei Serad, Orach Chaim, parts I and II. Zhitomir: R. Chanina Lipa and R. Yehoshua Heshel Shapira, grandsons of the rabbi of Slavita, 1853. First edition of part II (sections 149-696). Stefansky Chassidut, no. 255.
8. Levushei Serad, Yoreh De'ah. Lviv, [ca. 1850]. Stamps of the library of the Etz Chaim yeshiva in Volozhin. Ownership inscriptions.
9. Levushei Serad, Orach Chaim. Two parts. Zhitomir, 1869-1870.
10. Oryan Telitai – Simlah Chaddasha, Tevuot Shor and Bechor Shor, with Levushei Serad. Zhitomir, 1868.
11. Shelosha Sefarim Niftachim – Simlah Chaddasha, Tevuot Shor, Bechor Shor with Levushei Serad and Daat Kedoshim. Warsaw, [1909]. Stereotype edition of the Warsaw 1891 edition, with the approbations.
Signatures, stamps and ownership inscriptions. Glosses in several places.
Size and condition vary.

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