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Noam Elimelech – Copy of Rebbe Avraham Steiner of Kerestir – Signatures and Dedication – Inscriptions of His ...

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Noam Elimelech – Copy of Rebbe Avraham Steiner of Kerestir – Signatures and Dedication – Inscriptions of His Father's Name, Rabbi "Yeshaya Son of R. Moshe"
Noam Elimelech, by Rebbe Elimelech of Lizhensk. "Lvov" [Lemberg? ca. 1880. Edition printed leaf by leaf after the first edition – Lviv, 1787 – including title page text and the famous asterisks].
Important copy, owned by the family of Rebbe Yeshaya of Kerestir, with signatures and a dedication.
Signature of Rebbe "Avraham Steiner" of Kerestir on the title page, with stamps and a signature of R. "Avraham Tzvi Günzler of Humenné". The name "Avraham Steiner" is lettered on the front board of the original binding. Dedication on the flyleaf handwritten and signed by R. "Avraham Steiner", attesting that he is giving this book as a wedding gift to his friend R. Avraham Tzvi Günzler, in 190[7?]. Beneath the signature of R. "Avraham Steiner" at the end of the dedication, another inscription in a different hand (presumably that of the recipient, R. Avraham Tzvi Günzler): "son of R. Yeshaya, known to all as Rebbe Yeshayale of Kerestir".
Inscriptions penciled on the page facing the title page: "Yeshaya son of the late R. Moshe" (reminiscent of the signature of R. Yeshayale of Kerestir, yet actually a transcripts of his signature, presumably written by a household member).
R. Yeshaya Steiner of Kerestir (Bodrogkeresztúr; 1852-1922) was the disciple of Rebbe Tzvi Hirsh of Liska (Olaszliszka), author of Ach Pri Tevua and reverently followed in his footsteps. He was orphaned from his father at the age of three and was raised in the home of R. Tzvi Hirsh of Liska from the age of twelve. Drawn to Chassidut, he frequented the courts of Rebbe Chaim Halberstam of Sanz and Rebbe Mordechai of Nadvorna. However, his primary rebbe and mentor remained Rebbe Tzvi Hirsh of Liska, and he eventually became his close attendant (even when R. Yeshaya already served as rebbe, with throngs flocking to his court from all over Hungary, he would still sign "…who served as attendant of the righteous Rebbe of Liska"). Rebbe Yeshaya was revered by the leading rebbes of his day, including Rebbe Chaim of Sanz and Rebbe Yissachar Dov of Belz (who stated that the "key to sustenance" is in the hands of R. Yeshaya of Kerestir). He performed thousands of charitable deeds, personally engaging in hospitality, and was considered one of the pillars of kindness and prayer in his times. He was renowned as a holy man, and thousands of Jews (as well as non-Jews) from all over Hungary would travel to his court to seek his advice. He was also renowned as a wonder-worker and for providing amulets. Until this day, his portrait is hung in homes as a segulah against mice. The story behind this custom is related in his biography, Mei Be'er Yeshayahu.
His son, Rebbe Avraham Steiner of Kerestir (ca. 1883 – Adar I 1927, Otzar HaRabbanim 851), succeeded his father as rebbe of Kerestir. He continued his father's exceptional acts of lovingkindness and hospitality. His home too was frequented by throngs of Jews from throughout Hungary, who sought his advice, amulets and salvations. After his passing, his son-in-law R. Meir Yosef Rubin succeeded him as rebbe of Kerestir.
The recipient of the book, whose signature appears on the title page – R. Avraham Tzvi Günzler (perished in the Holocaust, 1941), dayan and posek in Humenné (Slovakia) and lecturer in the local yeshiva. He was a disciple of the Arugat HaBosem, and a disciple and Chassid of the rebbes of Belz and Sighet. His grandfather, R. Avraham Tzvi Günzler (the first) was the attendant of the Yismach Moshe, and a prominent Chassid of R. Tzvi of Liska. His father, R. Yitzchak Eizik Günzler lived in Kerestir, was a disciple and associate of R. Yeshayale of Kerestir, as were R. Avraham Tzvi and his brothers. His brother R. Yosef Mordechai Günzler authored Mei Be'er Yeshayahu, biography on R. Yeshayale of Kerestir, and he quotes R. Avraham Tzvi there. R. Avraham Tzvi and most of his family – his wife, his sons and daughters, his sons-in-law and most of his grandchildren – perished in the Holocaust (two of his grandsons survived and established distinguished families). Following the Holocaust, his manuscripts on Halachah and Aggadah were found in the attic of his Beit Midrash in Humenné, and they were published in the Yatzev Avraham series, which includes many teachings from his illustrious teachers.
[2], 112 leaves. 24.5 cm. Dry paper. Fair condition. Many signs of usage. Stains. Wear and tears, affecting text (many paper and tape repairs). Original half-leather binding, slightly worn and damaged.

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