Auction 20 Tiferet 20 - Rare and Special Items
Dec 1, 2020
 Shenhav Building, Beit Hadfus st , Jerusalem

A special auction of rare items: 

First editions of Hassidic Sefarim, Slavita-Zhitomir, letters by Tzaddikim and the greatest Hassidic Rabbis, the Geonim of Ashkenaz and Hungary, the greatest Rabbis of Lithuania, the greatest Poskim of previous generations, pedigreed copies, artifacts of renowned Tzaddikim, Satmar, Chabad and more.  

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LOT 6:

Holy! Set Yerushalmi Zhytomyr print, from which the Eldest rIghteous of the generation Maran the Holy Rabbi Yisrael ...

Start price:
$ 4,000
Auction house commission: 23%
VAT: 17% On commission only
Users from foreign countries may be exempted from tax payments, according to the relevant tax regulations

Holy! Set Yerushalmi Zhytomyr print, from which the Eldest rIghteous of the generation Maran the Holy Rabbi Yisrael of Husiatyn had Studied.

Holy! Set Yerushalmi, five volumes, on the entire Shas Zhytomyr print, from which the Sabba Kaddisha  Eldest of Tzaddikei HaDor Maran the Holy Rabbi Yisrael of Husiatyn, the grandson of illustrious Holy Rabbi of Ruzhin, had Studied.

His legible and holy stamp appears on each volume: 'אוצר הספרים של ישראל פריעדמאן מהוסיאטין'.

* Tractates: Shabbat, Eruvin and Pesachim - 1860 bound together. A separate title page for Tractate Shabbat and Tractate Eruvin, Stamp of the Holy Rabbi of Husiatyn. 

* Seder Nashim. Tractates: Yevamot, Sotah, Ketubot, Nedarim, Gittin, Nazir and Kiddushin. 1867. With his stamp.

* Seder Zera'im: Berachot, Peah, Demai, Shevi'it, Terumot, Me'asrot, Ma'aser Sheni, Chalah, Kilayim, Orlah, Bikurim. 1866.

* Seder Nezikin: Baba Kama, Baba Metzi'ah, Baba Batra, Sanhedrin, Shevu'ot, avodah Zarah, Makot, Horayot and Nidah. 1868.

Seder Moed: Yoma, Shekalim, Sukkah, Rosh Hashana, Beitza, Ta'anit, Megilah, Chagigah and Moed Katan. 1862.

The Holy Rabbi Yisrael of Husiatyn the grandson of Tiferet Israel of Ruzhin, Eldest of Tzaddikei HaDor, Kodesh HaKodashim the eldest of the Tzaddikim of Ruzhin, admired by thousands, who to this day utter his name with aw. A spiritual pillar for the Jewish Nation, who was called by the Holy Rabbi Aharon of Belz 'Tzaddik Yessod Olam' and 'HaRabbi'. Who's intensity of his prayers and Avodat Hashem was legendary when the Nazis under General Rommel's command approached the Land of Israel during the El Alamein battles. 

Complete set. 39 cm. Partly original binding. Well-preserved leaves.  Very few  moth holes in some of the volumes. Minor aging stains. Very good condition.