Auction 20 Tiferet 20 - Rare and Special Items
Dec 1, 2020
 Shenhav Building, Beit Hadfus st , Jerusalem

A special auction of rare items: 

First editions of Hassidic Sefarim, Slavita-Zhitomir, letters by Tzaddikim and the greatest Hassidic Rabbis, the Geonim of Ashkenaz and Hungary, the greatest Rabbis of Lithuania, the greatest Poskim of previous generations, pedigreed copies, artifacts of renowned Tzaddikim, Satmar, Chabad and more.  

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LOT 13:

Handwritten letter by Rabbi Yoel Shurin with his Signature and Stamp to his disciple Rabbi Yaakov Kolten. Korets ...

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Handwritten letter by Rabbi Yoel Shurin with his Signature and Stamp to his disciple Rabbi Yaakov Kolten. Korets, ca. 1923

A letter of gratitude, updating, blessing, condoslences and instruction to the disciple, by Rabbi Yoel Shurin Rosh Yeshivat Or Torah in Korets. Korets, ca. 1923. Indicating the distress of the refugees in Poland. 

[3] pp. 11X21 cm. Official stationery of the Or Torah Yeshiva.  

Rabbi Yoel Shurin (1862-1927) "The Ilui of Poltava", a student of the Volozhin Yeshiva, Rosh Yeshivat Or Torah in Zvihl which was founded in 1899. During World War I, he exiled with the yeshiva to Korets. Was laid to rest in the cemetery of Warsaw. 

The content of the letter: Rabbi Yoel Shurin thanks his disciple for a 35$ donation which will help his daughter Freidel who was forced to leave her father's house due to problems with her documents. He notes that his disciples are having difficulties getting the required documents and are in danger of being deported from Poland if they do no get them, 'since we will be unable to get the documents for them due to the strict requirements and the excessive hate to our people ... life under such conditions are difficult G-d have mercy". Rabbi Yoel Shurin adds blessings for the marriage of his disciple and condolences for his parents' passing. "Blessed is the man who needs no comfort since he experienced nothing bad, however, never yet has such a man been born on this earth ... do not be discouraged do not postpone anything good and any material and spiritual effort..."

Aging stains, fold marks.   

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