Auction 20 Tiferet 20 - Rare and Special Items
Dec 1, 2020
 Shenhav Building, Beit Hadfus st , Jerusalem

A special auction of rare items: 

First editions of Hassidic Sefarim, Slavita-Zhitomir, letters by Tzaddikim and the greatest Hassidic Rabbis, the Geonim of Ashkenaz and Hungary, the greatest Rabbis of Lithuania, the greatest Poskim of previous generations, pedigreed copies, artifacts of renowned Tzaddikim, Satmar, Chabad and more.  

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LOT 32:

Wonderful Segulah! 'Tzoin Kedoshim' Printed by the request of the 'Chozeh of Lublin', Lemberg, [1811]

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$ 400
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Wonderful Segulah! 'Tzoin Kedoshim' Printed by the request of the 'Chozeh of Lublin', Lemberg, [1811]

Tzoin Kedoshim, innovations on Tractates Zevachim, Menachot, Bechorot, Arachin, Temurah and Meilah. Authored by Rabbi Avraham Chaim Schor author of 'Toraht Chaim' on Shas. Lemberg, 1811.

This edition was printed by the request of the Holy Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchak Halevi Horowitz the 'Chozeh of Lublin', as appearing on the title page: "Brought to the printing press by order of the last will and testament of the Admor the great Gaon Butzina Kaddisha ... the Holy and Divine Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchak Halevi Horowitz  of Lublin".

At the beginning of the sefer, a rare and special approbation by the 'Chozeh of Lublin' in which he reveals something about his G-d worship: "... I wanted to write a commentary sefer on Seder Kodashim since it is a great Mitzvah to study Hilchot Kodashim ... and Seder Kodashim is like a closed sefer and is not appropriately proofread like the other Gemoras which have versions and commentaries by the Maharshal and the Maharsha and Maharam and apparently, the sefer of Kodashim was not thoroughly studied with students since it was not so needed by the generations and later when I heeded to the needs of Bnei Yisrael with advice and prayer and requests and I too became preoccupied and found it difficult to write a commentary since I had no time to study ... and for several years I have been appealing to several printers to print the sefer 'Tzoin Kedoshim'..."

[1], 52 [should be 53] pages. 36 cm. 

Tears in the upper margins, moth damage that was restored with glue [in a few leaves, few text missing]. New binding, general good condition. 

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