Auction 20 Tiferet 20 - Rare and Special Items
Dec 1, 2020
 Shenhav Building, Beit Hadfus st , Jerusalem

A special auction of rare items: 

First editions of Hassidic Sefarim, Slavita-Zhitomir, letters by Tzaddikim and the greatest Hassidic Rabbis, the Geonim of Ashkenaz and Hungary, the greatest Rabbis of Lithuania, the greatest Poskim of previous generations, pedigreed copies, artifacts of renowned Tzaddikim, Satmar, Chabad and more.  

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LOT 35:

Full set of Shu"t 'Tzemach Tzedek'. Personal copy from the Holy Rabbi Yehuda Leib Schneersohn of Kopust grandson ...

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Sold for: $1,000
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$ 1,000
Auction house commission: 23%
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Full set of Shu"t 'Tzemach Tzedek'. Personal copy from the Holy Rabbi Yehuda Leib Schneersohn of Kopust grandson from the author the 'Tzemach Tzedek. Five volumes, seven parts. First edition. Vilna, 1871-1884.
Shu"t 'Tzemach Tzedek' by the Great and Holy Gaon and Chassid who's holiness enlightened the world, Moron Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Lubavitch. 

Quoted In the sefer: "From the Great and Holy Gaon and Chassid glorious and shine of the world abbainu Menachem Mendel of Lubavitch who replied to questions of practical Halacha. Published by his son and grandchildren, Vilna".
Full set. Seven parts in five volumes. First and unique edition. Vilna 1871-1884.
In the first volume, ownership listed on the flyleaf page: 'Belongs to Hrh"g Mohr"y Leib Schneersohn' and in foreign language: 'Rabbiner Her Leib Schneersohn'. An important comment hand written.

Volume details:
First volume:
Shilchon Aruch Even HaEzer part one  – Two golden cover pages. Vilna 1871 [2] 1-147.
Part one from Even HaEzer – Hilchot Kidushin. Vilna 1871. [1] 1-82 [correction chart].

Second Volume:
Shilchon Aruch Yoreh De'ah part one, 1874. [1] pages 1-86.
On the back of the cover page, an important notation, antique Chaba"dy hand written.
Shu"t on Shilchon Aruch Yoreh De'ah part two and explanation on the subject of Mikvah by the Shilchon Aruch HaRav z"l, 1874. With omissions and index [1] 1-121. 1-52. 1-13.

Third Volume:
Tzemach Tzedek, annotations in Halacha on Mishnah and Gemara. Vilna 1878. Two cover pages. [2] 1-192. 

Fourth Volume:
Tzemach Tzedek Shu"t on Shilchon Aruch Even HaEzer part two Hilchot Gitin  and Shemot Gitin. Vilna 1872. Two cover pages. [2] 1-100.
Shu"t on part two of Shilchon Aruch Even HaEzer Hilchot Gitin, Yibum and Chalitza. Vilna 1872 [1] 1-135.

Fifth Volume:
Sefer Tzemach Tzedek and Shu"t on Shilchon Aruch Orach Chaim. Brought to print by his grandchildren, Vilna 1884. Widow and Ram Brothers publishers. [1] 1-76.

The holy chain of Kopust dynasty, descendants of the Holy Lubavitch Rabbis:
The Holy courtyard of Rabbi's from Kopust, was a branch of Chaba"d Chassidut that split and lead the courtyard separately. The holy chain lasted close to sixty years. The founder of the chain was Rabbainu HaMahari"l, son of the third leader of Chaba"d, Rabbainu the Tzemach Tzedek. Rabbainu MaHari"l passed away a half year after his father's passing.
His eldest son replaced him, Rabbainu Shlomo Zalmen Schneersohn who served as Admo"r of Kopust for 34 years. His sefer "Magein Avot" (מגן אבות בגימטריה שלמה זלמן), was first published in Barditchev in the year 1902. The sefer contains many "Maamarim" (articles) in the order of the Parshiot of the Torah, Jewish Holidays and more, was published by his son, Rabbi Yehuda Leib.
After his passing in the year 1900, his two young brothers Rabbi Shalom Ber of Rzeczyca and Rabbi Shmaryeh Noach of Babruysk, sons from the Mahari"l of Kopust, began to serve as Admo"rim.  

New covers. General condition very good. Golden cover pages. Tiny moth holes, part rehabilitated with paper tape. Nothing missing.

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