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Feb 18, 2021
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LOT 44:

<<(Hajdúnánás, Nanash, Hungary).>> Pinkas shel Chevra Kadisha [Community memorial ...

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<<(Hajdúnánás, Nanash, Hungary).>> Pinkas shel Chevra Kadisha [Community memorial volume].

Manuscript in Hebrew and Yiddish, square and cursive calligraphic hands written on paper. Finely wrought title-page.
pp. 201 (excluding blanks). Light wear and few stains in places, final few leaves removed (blanks?) Original calf over thick wooden boards, applied Star-of-David partially lacking from upper cover. Lg. folio.
Nanash, Hungary: 1860-

The volume commences with a listing of 21 Takanoth, noteworthy is number 12 calling for equal treatment for the rich and the poor “in order not to shame those without.” Following which are individual pages of names of each prominent member. Listed first is Rabbi David Yehuda, Nanash’s late rabbi. After this is Rabbi Yisrael Ephraim Fishel Schreiber (1822-98) of Nanash, who authored the commentary Afsei Eretz on the Torah, and was regarded in his time as one of the last living students of the Chasam Sofer. Dozens of these single page entries are in full color and quite beautiful, many with individual character and additional adornments or illustrations of animals. The entries from the 1910s and 1920s are signed by one Asher Anshel. The dates of death of these members are added throughout the manuscript. The latest date is from the year 1941. An index of names, and two sets of 33 Takanoth from the 1920’s are at the end of the Pinkas. Nanash (or Hajdúnánás), located just outside the city of Debrecen, in Hajdú-Bihar county, near the border of Rumania, was a Jewish community led by rabbis distinguished in Hungary. In addition to the aforementioned Rabbi Schreiber, who led for some fifty years, was Rabbi Benzion Halpert (1862-1919), Rabbi Schreiber’s son-in-law, and his son in turn, Rabbi Shlomo Halpert (1886-1944), who perished in the Holocaust. See C3%25A1s-Hungary/57863.

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