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LOT 8:

Tikkun for every night and day – A Sabbatian order of Tikkunim compiled by Nathan of Gaza, "prophet" of ...

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Tikkun for every night and day – A Sabbatian order of Tikkunim compiled by Nathan of Gaza, "prophet" of the false messiah Shabbatai Tzvi. Amsterdam: Uri Phoebus son of Aharon HaLevi, [1666].
Pocket-size, with original binding. Additional engraved title page, with Sabbatian allusions to the Redemption, including a royal crown inscribed "Ateret Tzvi".
A foreword describing the news of the Redemption was printed on the verso of the title page (Gershom Scholem suggests that the foreword may have been composed by R. Shlomo de Oliveyra). The Tikkun was compiled by Nathan of Gaza, yet his name is not mentioned on the title pages of the Hebrew editions (Gershom Scholem writes that he saw a Spanish edition, where the name of the editor "Nathan Ashkenazi" was mentioned on the title page).
Additional compositions, p. 94b onwards: Note for penitents from the book [Shenei] Luchot HaBrit; poem relating to Psalm 126 (by R. Shlomo de Oliveyra); order of ritual immersion; acceptance of a voluntary fast; note for a fast day, with Vidui (confession); order of the four Beit Din capital punishments; sacrifice for a fast day; laws of repentance from the Roke'ach; and the Yedid Nefesh supplication by R. Elazar Azikri.
The present book of Tikkunim was published at the pinnacle of the mass movement of repentance which swept through the Jewish people upon hearing Shabbatai Tzvi's tidings of the Redemption and that which was occurring around him, which spread rapidly from the East to other European Jewish communities. Amsterdam was one of the important centers of Sabbatian awakening at that time, and many editions of Sabbatian Tikkunim were printed there by the local Jewish printers (Joseph Athias, David de Castro Tartas and Uri Phoebus son of R. Aharon HaLevi). Their publication in Amsterdam was presumably also for the purpose of being sent throughout Europe. The Amsterdam printers competed over who could produce more complete and beautiful editions of the books of Tikkunim, and Amsterdam Torah scholars (in particular R. Yitzchak Aboab de Fonseca and R. Shlomo de Oliveyra) even inserted some important additions in some editions, including sections of prayers, confessions and songs.
The present edition is unique for its engraved title page, containing Sabbatian allusions (G. Scholem lists at least three such editions, with different engraved title pages; this engraving is not mentioned by Scholem). A royal crown, with the words "Ateret Tzvi", is featured at the top of the title page, flanked on each side by trumpet-blowing cherubs. Beneath the crown, an open book inscribed "Tikkun Keriah LeYom VeLayla" and men playing various instruments. At the bottom, a structure and a burning altar. A turbaned figure stands beside the altar, greeted by a group of people. The group is headed by two turbaned, priestly-clad men (one of the figures may represent Shabbatai Tzvi).
For more information about the spread of the Sabbatian movement in Amsterdam, and the printing of books of Tikkunim, see: G. Scholem, Sabbatai Sevi, Princeton University Press, 1973 pp. 518-545.
Ownership inscriptions on the endpapers: "abram foa", "deiana foa".
106 leaves. 11.5 cm. Most leaves in good condition. Stains. Several tears. Hole to final two leaves, slightly affecting text. Margins trimmed close to text on one leaf. Leather and wood binding, with clasp (second clasp partially lacking). Wear and damage to boards and spine.