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LOT 21:

Two Manuscripts – Formulary of Legal Documents, Novellae, Poems, Homiletics and Short Torah Thoughts – By Rabbi ...

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Two Manuscripts – Formulary of Legal Documents, Novellae, Poems, Homiletics and Short Torah Thoughts – By Rabbi Yedidia of Recanati – Italy, 1560s
Two manuscripts bound together – formulary of legal documents, novellae, poems, homiletics and short Torah thoughts. Italy, 1560s.
The first manuscript comprises texts of legal documents, novellae, poems and various selections. The second manuscript is a composition named Leket Pe'ah, containing selected homiletics and short Torah thoughts on verses and teachings of the sages. Both manuscripts were presumably scribed by R. Yedidia (Amadio) son of R. Moshe of Recanati (see below). An inscription by R. Yedidia appears inside the front board, within an ornamental circular frame: "…on Sunday, 19th Adar II, 10th March, 1566, I travelled from my home in San Marino (Italy) towards Rome, and I reached Rome on Thursday, 14th March 1566…". Inside the back board, there is another inscription by R. Yedidia: "Mine, Yedidia son of R. Moshe of Recanati, a resident of Marino". There is a third inscription at the end of his poem in honor of his wife (see below), dated 1569.
The first manuscript contains many texts of legal documents, with wording distinctive of Italian Jewry: betrothal contracts, ketubot, divorce, wills, monetary legal documents (debts, rent, authorization, guardianship, and more). Many glosses and additions in the margins, including alternative texts, laws and notes pertaining to documents, and other selections.
On p. [2a], text of a betrothal contract, including the name of the place: Rimini and the year: 1565. Some documents contain a sentence relating to Italy, such as: "I wish this will to be valid everywhere, Venice, Lombardy, Bologna, Romagna and Marche, France, Spain and in all states of Italy".
On p. [8b], text of a will "instituted by R. Toviah", opening with a poetic introduction. This is followed by "A different introduction by R. Baruch Chazak".
P. [14a] contains a poem composed by the writer in honor of his wife, concluding: "composed by Yedidia son of R. Moshe of Recanati, in honor of Yentela his wife… 5th September 1569".
On p. [14b]: poem composed by the author in honor of R. Avraham Ibn Ezra, with an acrostic of his name: "Amadio son of Moshe".
Lists and diagrams of forbidden and permitted marriages, and of family ties which are valid or disqualified for testimony, on pp. [17b]-[18a].
On p. [19b] – a story about a tailor and Don Alfonso King of Spain.
The second manuscript is a compilation of homiletics and short Torah thoughts (allusions, acronyms and numerical values). The first page states: "Sefer Leket Pe'ah". This is presumably a transcript of an unknown composition authored by a R. Eliezer. The author is mentioned several times in the manuscript.
Ownership inscription at the foot of the first leaf: "The brothers, sons of the Yosef Yisrael Ravà".
The writer, R. Yedidia (Amadio) son of R. Moshe of Recanati was a Torah scholar and scribe active in Rimini, San Marino, Rome, and other places in Italy. There are several extant compositions he authored and manuscripts he copied. He translated Moreh Nevuchim to Italian, and dedicated it to the Rama of Fano.
[34] leaves (including two blank leaves). 21-22 cm. Fair-good condition. Stains. Wear and tears. Tears affecting text to several leaves. Original leather binding, damaged and detached.

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