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LOT 29:

Illustrated Manuscript on Parchment, Prayers for the Chazzan and Gabbai – Brill Shul in Pressburg, During the Times ...

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Illustrated Manuscript on Parchment, Prayers for the Chazzan and Gabbai – Brill Shul in Pressburg, During the Times of the Chatam Sofer – 1811
Manuscript on parchment – Chazzan HaKnesset, prayers for the chazzan and gabbai during the Torah reading. [Pressburg, during the Chatam Sofer's tenure as rabbi, ca. 1811].
Manuscript on parchment. Vocalized, square script. Scribed and decorated in color, with gold ink. Initial words and headings in colored ink.
Includes: Yehi Ratzon prayers recited after the weekday Torah reading; Haftarah blessings (for Shabbat, the Three Festivals, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur); Haftarah for a public fast; Yekum Purkan and Mi Sheberach prayers; prayer for the Royal Family; blessing for the new month; Yizkor and Mi Sheberach prayers in memory of the deceased for festivals and the High Holidays; prayers for the Shofar blower and order of blowing, with kavanot; blessings for the Megillah reading with the Asher Heni and Shoshanat Yaakov piyyutim; order for changing a name.
The word "Yekum" (from Yekum Purkan) on p. 7 is flanked by two lions, set in a frame of leaves and flowers.
Prayer for the Royal Family on p. 9: "G-d who created Heaven and earth… should bless, protect and guard… our very distinguished master, the mighty and pious monarch, the Emperor [blank], and our mistress the queen… the Empress [blank]…". The first words of the prayer are set in a frame and decorated with a large crown, a pair of lions and a human face, rocailles and floral elements.
The present manuscript belonged to the Brill Shull in Pressburg, during the Chatam Sofer's tenure as rabbi of the city. The synagogue was named after its founder, the pious and wealthy R. Azriel Brill [Brilin].
A prayer was added in the margins of p. 13 at a later date (after the passing of R. Azriel and his wife): "May G-d remember the soul of Azriel son of Chana, and the soul of his wife Troyla daughter of Ruchama, for their donation of this synagogue. In that merit…". The present manuscript, with the special prayer in memory of R. Azriel and his wife, is mentioned in the book Avnei Beit HaYotzer about the Pressburg community, by R. Yitzchak Weiss, Pacs 1900, p. 73: "The prominent rabbi… R. Azriel Brilin… built… a magnificent synagogue… which is named after him… and in that merit his soul and the soul of his righteous wife are mentioned… during the Three Festivals and on Yom Kippur, and this is the text of the Yizkor recited for them… and this Yizkor is written in the parchment book of his synagogue…".
R. Azriel Bril (d. 1818), wealthy leader of the Pressburg community. He was one of the signatories on the rabbinic appointment of the Chatam Sofer. He was also a prominent Torah scholar, and in his youth he disseminated Torah and taught disciples. He fasted regularly throughout his life, and was constantly distressed about his exceptional prosperity. The Chatam Sofer eulogized him, saying: "The glory and crown of our community… diligent and sharp in Torah, in his youth he edified disciples… he served as our eyes in all matters… in all kinds of acts of kindness, he supported widows, orphans and the unfortunate… a great man… he never sought honor… neither for his Torah nor for his wealth…" (Drashot Chatam Sofer, II, eulogy from Parashat Chukat 1818).
A piece of parchment was attached to the manuscript (pasted inside the front board) at a later date, stating: "…the yahrzeit of the late R. Azriel Brilin is on 23rd Iyar… he donated and established this synagogue which is named after him… he also donated the Torah scroll and holy utensils for this synagogue, and the yahrzeit of Mrs. Troyla his wife…".
22 pages. 27.5 cm. Overall good condition. Stains. Ink smearing in several places (several words illegible). New leather binding.

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