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May 25, 2021
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LOT 32:

Lengthy Letter from Rabbi Eliyahu Guttmacher, the Tzaddik of Greiditz – To His Son Rabbi Tzvi Hirsh Author of ...

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Lengthy Letter from Rabbi Eliyahu Guttmacher, the Tzaddik of Greiditz – To His Son Rabbi Tzvi Hirsh Author of Nachalat Tzvi – 1863
Lengthy letter (4 pages), handwritten and signed by R. Eliyahu Guttmacher, rabbi of Greiditz (Grodzisk Wielkopolski). 1863. Yiddish.
Addressed to his son R. Tzvi Hirsh Guttmacher Rabbi of Pleschen (Pleszew). The letter, which is dated 3rd Sivan, opens with blessings for the upcoming festival of Shavuot: "May the joy of the festival of Shavuot and much good always reach my son R. Tzvi". The letter concludes with his full signature: "So are the words of your father, Eli. son of R. Sh., Rabbi of Greiditz".
The letter discusses articles published in the HaMaggid newspaper, regarding the Yishuv Eretz Israel society. The final part relates to a matchmaking proposal for the son of R. Refael Gradenwitz (who served as dayan in Ravitch, Posen region). R. Eliyahu writes that the prospective groom learns well and serves as posek and shochet.
R. Eliyahu Guttmacher Rabbi of Greiditz (1796-1875), disciple of R. Akiva Eger, served as rabbi of Pleschen (Pleszew) until ca. 1840. He later went to serve as rabbi of Greiditz. His eldest son, R. Tzvi Hirsh, succeeded him as rabbi of Pleschen. Famed as a holy kabbalist, in his senior years his name spread throughout the Jewish world as a wonder-worker, with amazing stories circulating of the great miracles and salvations attained through the blessings of "der Greiditzer Tzaddik" (the Tzaddik of Greiditz), "from all countries people came to seek his blessings and prayers, each one according to his needs" (Igrot Sofrim, at the foot of letter 29). After his eldest son, R. Tzvi Hirsh Rabbi of Pleschen, died in his lifetime childless (in 1871), he published his son's works Nachalat Zvi and Ken Meforeshet (Lviv, 1873). In the introduction to Ken Meforeshet, R. Eliyahu promises: "If someone seeks deliverance from G-d… he should study a Mishnah with the Rav (Bartenura), Tosafot Yom Tov and my son's commentary and then stand and pray in any language… detailing his request so he will be answered…".
[1] double leaf (4 written pages). 21.5 cm. Good condition. Stains and folding marks.

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